Grant Green / Shades of Greenなど中古盤追加中です

Ahmad Jamal/The World Is A Ghetto -7
Ahmad Jamal

The World Is A Ghetto -7
Ahmad Jamal/Happy Moods
Ahmad Jamal

Happy Moods
Ahmad Jamal/Digital Works
Ahmad Jamal

Digital Works
Ahmad Jamal/But Not For Me
Ahmad Jamal

But Not For Me
Ahmad Jamal/At The Penthouse
Ahmad Jamal

At The Penthouse
Ahmad Jamal/Volume IV
Ahmad Jamal

Volume IV
Ahmad Jamal/One
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal/Oil Can Harry's
Ahmad Jamal

Oil Can Harry’s
Ahmad Jamal/Live At Bubbas
Ahmad Jamal

Live At Bubbas
Ahmad Jamal/Alhambra
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal/Chamber Music Of The New Jazz
Ahmad Jamal

Chamber Music Of The New Jazz
Ahmad Jamal/Volume IV
Ahmad Jamal

Volume IV
Ahmad Jamal/Cry Young
Ahmad Jamal

Cry Young
Ahmad Jamal/The Piano Scene Of
Ahmad Jamal

The Piano Scene Of
Ahmad Jamal/Genetic Walk
Ahmad Jamal

Genetic Walk
Ahmad Jamal/All Of You
Ahmad Jamal

All Of You
Ahmad Jamal/Freeflight
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal Trio/Coun 'Em 88
Ahmad Jamal Trio

Coun ‘Em 88
Al Wilson/La La Peace Song
Al Wilson

La La Peace Song
Anita O'day / Cal Tjader/Time For Two
Anita O’day / Cal Tjader

Time For Two
Blue Mitchell/African Violet
Blue Mitchell

African Violet
Bobby Hutcherson/Waiting
Bobby Hutcherson

Bu Pleasant/Ms. Bu
Bu Pleasant

Ms. Bu
Cal Tjader/Agua Dulce
Cal Tjader

Agua Dulce
Cal Tjader/Concert On The Campus
Cal Tjader

Concert On The Campus
Cal Tjader/The Shining Sea
Cal Tjader

The Shining Sea
Cal Tjader/Mas Ritmo Caliente
Cal Tjader

Mas Ritmo Caliente
Cal Tjader/Cal Tjader Goes Latin
Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader Goes Latin
Cal Tjader/Warm Wave
Cal Tjader

Warm Wave
Cal Tjader/Live At The Funky Quarters
Cal Tjader

Live At The Funky Quarters
Cal Tjader/Tjader Plays Mambo
Cal Tjader

Tjader Plays Mambo
Cal Tjader/Concert By The Sea
Cal Tjader

Concert By The Sea
Cal Tjader/West Side Story
Cal Tjader

West Side Story
Cal Tjader/Soul Burst
Cal Tjader

Soul Burst
Cal Tjader/The Best Of Cal Tjader
Cal Tjader

The Best Of Cal Tjader
Cal Tjader/Sona Libre
Cal Tjader

Sona Libre
Cal Tjader/Plugs In
Cal Tjader

Plugs In
Cal Tjader/Tjader Plays Tjazz
Cal Tjader

Tjader Plays Tjazz
Cal Tjader/Solar Heat
Cal Tjader

Solar Heat
Cal Tjader/At Grace Cathedral
Cal Tjader

At Grace Cathedral
Cal Tjader/Tjader
Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader/Guarabe
Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader/Amazonas
Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader/Puttin' It Together
Cal Tjader

Puttin’ It Together
Cal Tjader/Latin For Lovers
Cal Tjader

Latin For Lovers
Cal Tjader/A Fuego Vivo
Cal Tjader

A Fuego Vivo
Cal Tjader / Carmen McRae/Heat Wave
Cal Tjader / Carmen McRae

Heat Wave
Cal Tjader And Charlie Byrd/Tambu
Cal Tjader And Charlie Byrd

Cal Tjader Quintet/Cal Tjader Quintet
Cal Tjader Quintet

Cal Tjader Quintet
Carmen McRae/Can't Hide Love
Carmen McRae

Can’t Hide Love
Charles Earland/Perceptions
Charles Earland

Diana Ross/Everythig Is Everything
Diana Ross

Everythig Is Everything
Dizzy Reece/Star Bright
Dizzy Reece

Star Bright
Double Six Of Paris/Swingin' Singin'!
Double Six Of Paris

Swingin’ Singin’!
Dr. John/Babylon
Dr. John

Elza Soares/Elaza Soares
Elza Soares

Elaza Soares
Enoch Light And The Brass Menagerie/Enoch Light And The Brass Menagerie
Enoch Light And The Brass Menagerie

Enoch Light And The Brass Menagerie
Esther Phillips/Performance
Esther Phillips

Eugene Record/Welcome To My Fantasy
Eugene Record

Welcome To My Fantasy
Freddie Hubbard/Ready For Freddie
Freddie Hubbard

Ready For Freddie
Gabor Szabo/Bacchanal
Gabor Szabo

George Benson/Bad Benson
George Benson

Bad Benson
George Benson/Give Me The Night
George Benson

Give Me The Night
Grant Green/Shades Of Green
Grant Green

Shades Of Green
Hal Galper/Thr Guerilla Band
Hal Galper

Thr Guerilla Band
Harry Horlick And His Orchestra/Exotica
Harry Horlick And His Orchestra

Hubert Laws/The Chicago Theme
Hubert Laws

The Chicago Theme
Isaac Hayes/Don't Let Go
Isaac Hayes

Don’t Let Go
John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman
John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman

John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman
Larry Nozero/Kaleidoscorpin'
Larry Nozero

Les McCann/Comment
Les McCann

Les McCann & Eddie Harris/Swiss Movement
Les McCann & Eddie Harris

Swiss Movement
Manu Dibango/Afrovision
Manu Dibango

Marlena Shaw/Take A Bite
Marlena Shaw

Take A Bite
Martin Denny/Exotica Volume II
Martin Denny

Exotica Volume II
Martin Denny/Exotica -MONO
Martin Denny

Exotica -MONO
Martin Denny/Exotica Vol.III
Martin Denny

Exotica Vol.III
McCoy Tyner/Trident
McCoy Tyner

Miles Davis/Sorcerer
Miles Davis

Milton Nascimento/Milagre Dos Peixes
Milton Nascimento

Milagre Dos Peixes
Nat King Cole/L-O-V-E
Nat King Cole

Quincy Jones/Smackwater Jack
Quincy Jones

Smackwater Jack
Rodney Franklin/Endless Flight
Rodney Franklin

Endless Flight
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66/Stillness
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66

Staple Singers/City In The Sky
Staple Singers

City In The Sky
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet/Country Preacher
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet

Country Preacher
Wayne Shorter/Adam’s Apple
Wayne Shorter

Adam’s Apple
Young Holt Unlimited/Mellow Dreamin'
Young Holt Unlimited

Mellow Dreamin’

WAX POETICS JAPAN vol.12入荷しました

WAX POETICS JAPAN vol.12 OCT/NOV 2010入荷しました。バックナンバーも揃ってます。

Wax Poetics Japan/No 12 OCT/NOV 2010
Wax Poetics Japan

No 12 OCT/NOV 2010
Wax Poetics Japan/No 11 AUG/SEPT 2010 (KRS-ONE Cover)
Wax Poetics Japan

No 11 AUG/SEPT 2010 (KRS-ONE Cover)
Wax Poetics Japan/No 11 AUG/SEPT 2010 (Ice Cube Cover)
Wax Poetics Japan

No 11 AUG/SEPT 2010 (Ice Cube Cover)
Wax Poetics Japan/ No 10 June/July 2010
Wax Poetics Japan

No 10 June/July 2010
Wax Poetics Japan/ No 09 MAR/APR 2010
Wax Poetics Japan

No 09 MAR/APR 2010
Wax Poetics Japan/No07 OCT/NOV 2009
Wax Poetics Japan

No07 OCT/NOV 2009
Wax Poetics Japan/No06 AUG/SEPT 2009
Wax Poetics Japan

No06 AUG/SEPT 2009
Wax Poetics Japan/No05 JUNE/JULY 2009
Wax Poetics Japan

No05 JUNE/JULY 2009
Wax Poetics Japan/No04 APR/MAY 2009
Wax Poetics Japan

No04 APR/MAY 2009
Wax Poetics Japan/No03 FEB/MAR 2009
Wax Poetics Japan

No03 FEB/MAR 2009

Shuggie Otis / Inspiration Informationなどレア・グルーヴ・リイシュー盤大量に入荷しました

Rudy Ray Moore/The Turning Point
Rudy Ray Moore

The Turning Point
Shuggie Otis/Inspiration Information
Shuggie Otis

Inspiration Information
Lyn Collins/Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now
Lyn Collins

Check Me Out If You Don’t Know Me By Now
Maceo And The All The Kings Men/Doing There Own Thing
Maceo And The All The Kings Men

Doing There Own Thing

Black Heat/No Time To Burn
Black Heat

No Time To Burn
Black Heat/Black Heat
Black Heat

Black Heat
Billy Martin & The Soul Jets/I Turn You On
Billy Martin & The Soul Jets

I Turn You On
Pretty Purdie (Bernard Purdie)/Soul Drums
Pretty Purdie (Bernard Purdie)

Soul Drums
Lyn Collins/Think (About It)
Lyn Collins

Think (About It)
The Mad Lads/In Action
The Mad Lads

In Action
George Benson/Harlem Underground
George Benson

Harlem Underground
James Rivers/Thrill Me
James Rivers

Thrill Me
Maceo & All The King's Men/Funky Music Machine
Maceo & All The King’s Men

Funky Music Machine
David Axelrod/Messiah
David Axelrod

Savage! -OST/Music: Don Julian
Savage! -OST

Music: Don Julian
Sabu Martinez/Afro Temple
Sabu Martinez

Afro Temple
Isaac Hayes/Truck Turner
Isaac Hayes

Truck Turner

Cheyenne's Comin'/Cheyenne's Comin'
Cheyenne’s Comin’

Cheyenne’s Comin’
Brute Force/Brute Force
Brute Force

Brute Force
Eddie Hazel/Game Dames And Guitar Thangs
Eddie Hazel

Game Dames And Guitar Thangs
Leroy Hutson/Leroy Hutson
Leroy Hutson

Leroy Hutson
Aretha Franklin/Young Gifted And Black
Aretha Franklin

Young Gifted And Black
Pleasure/Dust Yourself Off

Dust Yourself Off
Gil Scott Heron / Brian Jackson/Bridges
Gil Scott Heron / Brian Jackson

Bobby Paunetto/Paunetto’s Point
Bobby Paunetto

Paunetto’s Point
Esther Marrow/Newport News Virginia
Esther Marrow

Newport News Virginia
Fatback Band/People Music
Fatback Band

People Music
Fatback Band/Let’s Do It Again
Fatback Band

Let’s Do It Again
Kool & The Gang/Music Is The Message
Kool & The Gang

Music Is The Message
The Meters/Struttin’
The Meters

The Meters/Look Ka Py Py
The Meters

Look Ka Py Py
J.B.’s/Breakin’ Bread

Breakin’ Bread
James Brown/Super Bad
James Brown

Super Bad
James Brown/Say It Loud(I’m Black and I’m Proud)
James Brown

Say It Loud(I’m Black and I’m Proud)
Horace Silver/Total Response
Horace Silver

Total Response
Ray Barretto/Together
Ray Barretto

Mongo Santamaria/Fuego
Mongo Santamaria

Johnny Pate/Bucktown -OST
Johnny Pate

Bucktown -OST
Herbie Hancock/The Spook Who Sat By The Door -OST
Herbie Hancock

The Spook Who Sat By The Door -OST

Flash & The Dynamics/The New York Sound
Flash & The Dynamics

The New York Sound
Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents/Treat You Right
Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents

Treat You Right
Exit 9/Straight Up
Exit 9

Straight Up
Willie Dynamite -OST/Music: J.J. Johnson
Willie Dynamite -OST

Music: J.J. Johnson

Beginning of The End/The Beginning of The End
Beginning of The End

The Beginning of The End
Copeland Davis/Smoulderling Secrets
Copeland Davis

Smoulderling Secrets
Experience Unlimited/Free Yourself
Experience Unlimited

Free Yourself
Kool & The Gang/Kool & The Gang
Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang
Leroy Hutson/Hutson II
Leroy Hutson

Hutson II
Weldon Irvine/Cosmic Vortex
Weldon Irvine

Cosmic Vortex
Eddie Palmieri/With Harlem River Drive Live At Sing Sing
Eddie Palmieri

With Harlem River Drive Live At Sing Sing
Carl Sherlock Holems/Investigation No.1
Carl Sherlock Holems

Investigation No.1
Harvey Averne/The Harvey Averne Barrio Band
Harvey Averne

The Harvey Averne Barrio Band
Tito Puente/And His Concert Orchestra
Tito Puente

And His Concert Orchestra
The Nite Liters/A NAL Y SIS
The Nite Liters

Skull Snaps/Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps

Skull Snaps
Reuben Wilson/Got To Get Your Own
Reuben Wilson

Got To Get Your Own
Beginning of The End/Funky Nassau
Beginning of The End

Funky Nassau
Del Jones/Positive Vibes
Del Jones

Positive Vibes
Roy Ayers/Change Up The Groove
Roy Ayers

Change Up The Groove
Ray Barretto/Barretto Power
Ray Barretto

Barretto Power
Fabulous Counts/JanJan
Fabulous Counts

Magnum/Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded
Alice Clark/Alice Clark
Alice Clark

Alice Clark
Little Beaver/Party Down
Little Beaver

Party Down
Roy Ayers/Virgo Red
Roy Ayers

Virgo Red
Roy Ayers/Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers Ubiquity
9th Creation/Bubble Gum
9th Creation

Bubble Gum
Dr. John/The Sun Moon & Herbs
Dr. John

The Sun Moon & Herbs
David Axelrod/The Auction
David Axelrod

The Auction
Weldon Irvine/Liberated Brother
Weldon Irvine

Liberated Brother
Joe Bataan/Saint Latin’s Day Massacre
Joe Bataan

Saint Latin’s Day Massacre
Baby Huey/The Living Legend
Baby Huey

The Living Legend
The Meters/New Directions
The Meters

New Directions
Curtis Mayfield/Never Say You Can’t Survive / Do It All Night -2CD
Curtis Mayfield

Never Say You Can’t Survive / Do It All Night -2CD
Little Beaver/When Was The Last Time -CD
Little Beaver

When Was The Last Time -CD
V.A./ We’re A Lover -CD/Jackie Wilson. The Chi-Lites. Marvin Smith etc
V.A./ We’re A Lover -CD

Jackie Wilson. The Chi-Lites. Marvin Smith etc
Curtis Mayfield/Roots -CD
Curtis Mayfield

Roots -CD
East Coast/East Coast
East Coast

East Coast
The Voices Of East Harlem/Can You Feel It
The Voices Of East Harlem

Can You Feel It
Archie Bell & The Drells/I Can’t Stop Dancing
Archie Bell & The Drells

I Can’t Stop Dancing
South Funk Boulevard Band/South Funk Boulevard Band
South Funk Boulevard Band

South Funk Boulevard Band
Jonas Gwangwa & Afri/Who (Ngubani) ?
Jonas Gwangwa & Afri

Who (Ngubani) ?
The Jimmy Castor Bunch/It’s Just Begun
The Jimmy Castor Bunch

It’s Just Begun
The Ramsey Lewis Trio/Another Voyage
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Another Voyage

Blowfly/Blow Fly's Disco

Blow Fly’s Disco
Blowfly/On Tour

On Tour

Willie And The Mighty Magnificents/On Scene 70
Willie And The Mighty Magnificents

On Scene 70
Don Blackman/Don Blackman
Don Blackman

Don Blackman
Kool & The Gang/Kool Jazz
Kool & The Gang

Kool Jazz
Mongo Santamaria/Feelin’ Alright
Mongo Santamaria

Feelin’ Alright
Funk Inc/Hangin’ Out
Funk Inc

Hangin’ Out
Joe Bataan/Riot!
Joe Bataan

Lost Generation/The Sly Slick and The Wicked
Lost Generation

The Sly Slick and The Wicked
James Brown/I Can’t Stand Myself When You Touch Me
James Brown

I Can’t Stand Myself When You Touch Me
Bobby Byrd/I Need Help
Bobby Byrd

I Need Help
James Brown/It’s a New Day - Let a Man Come In
James Brown

It’s a New Day – Let a Man Come In
James Brown/There It Is
James Brown

There It Is
James Brown/The Popcorn
James Brown

The Popcorn
Ramon Morris/Sweet Sister Funk
Ramon Morris

Sweet Sister Funk
The Voices Of East Harlem/Right On Be Free
The Voices Of East Harlem

Right On Be Free
Eddy Senay/Step By Step
Eddy Senay

Step By Step
Senor Soul/Plays Funky Favorites
Senor Soul

Plays Funky Favorites
Bo Diddley/Big Bad Bo
Bo Diddley

Big Bad Bo
Brothers Unlimited/Who's For The Young
Brothers Unlimited

Who’s For The Young
Shaft In Africa -OST/Music by Johnny Pate
Shaft In Africa -OST

Music by Johnny Pate
King Hannibal/Truth
King Hannibal

Whatnauts/Reaching For The Stars

Reaching For The Stars
Whatnauts/On The Rocks

On The Rocks
Redd Holt Unlimited/Isaac Isaac Isaac
Redd Holt Unlimited

Isaac Isaac Isaac