SOUL FUNK JAZZ など新着中古盤放出中です


Ace Spectrum/Inner Spectrum
Ace Spectrum

Inner Spectrum
Alfredo Dela Fe Y Su Orquesta/Salsa & Charanga
Alfredo Dela Fe Y Su Orquesta

Salsa & Charanga
Barry White/I've Got So Much To Give
Barry White

I’ve Got So Much To Give
Bill Evans/Montreux II
Bill Evans

Montreux II
Billy Cobham/Crosswinds
Billy Cobham

Bob James/Two
Bob James

Bobby Caldwell/What You Won't Do For Love -7
Bobby Caldwell

What You Won’t Do For Love -7
Brother Jack McDuff/Black Is ! -7
Brother Jack McDuff

Black Is ! -7
David Ruffin/Who I Am
David Ruffin

Who I Am
DJ Buzz / Waxolutionists/Angels & Demons -7
DJ Buzz / Waxolutionists

Angels & Demons -7
Eddie Floyd/Baby Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed)
Eddie Floyd

Baby Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed)
Eddie Harris/Funkaroma -7
Eddie Harris

Funkaroma -7
Eddy Senay/Safari -7
Eddy Senay

Safari -7
Elis Regina/Falso Brilhante
Elis Regina

Falso Brilhante
George Duke/Reach For It
George Duke

Reach For It
George Duke/Liberated Fantasies
George Duke

Liberated Fantasies
Ground Hog/Bumpin' -7
Ground Hog

Bumpin’ -7
Headnodic/Something -7

Something -7
Headnodic/Walk -7

Walk -7
Houston Person/The Nearness Of You
Houston Person

The Nearness Of You
Idris Muhammad/Could Heaven Ever Be Like This -7”
Idris Muhammad

Could Heaven Ever Be Like This -7”
Ira Sullivan/Horizons
Ira Sullivan

Israel Popper Stopper Tolbert/Big Leg Woman -7
Israel Popper Stopper Tolbert

Big Leg Woman -7
Jimmy Smith/I'm Gon' Git Myself Together
Jimmy Smith

I’m Gon’ Git Myself Together
Jimmy Smith/Second Coming
Jimmy Smith

Second Coming
Jimmy Smith/Got My Mojo Working -7
Jimmy Smith

Got My Mojo Working -7
Jimmy Smith/Root Down
Jimmy Smith

Root Down
Jimmy Smith/Stay Loose
Jimmy Smith

Stay Loose
Jimmy Smith/Unfinished Business
Jimmy Smith

Unfinished Business
Jimmy Smith/Livin' it Up
Jimmy Smith

Livin’ it Up
Jimmy Smith/Confirmation
Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith/Bucket
Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith/Bluesmith
Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith/Hobo Flats
Jimmy Smith

Hobo Flats
Jimmy Smith/Got My Mojo Workin'
Jimmy Smith

Got My Mojo Workin’
Jimmy Smith/Pork Chop Part I -7
Jimmy Smith

Pork Chop Part I -7
Jimmy Smith And Wes Montgomery/Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes
Jimmy Smith And Wes Montgomery

Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes
Kaleb Brown/Strange Dreams -7
Kaleb Brown

Strange Dreams -7
King James Version/I'll Still Love You -7
King James Version

I’ll Still Love You -7
Kool & The Gang/Spirit Of The Boogie -7
Kool & The Gang

Spirit Of The Boogie -7
Koushik/Fan Club 45 -7

Fan Club 45 -7
LaMont Johnson/Sun, Moon And Stars
LaMont Johnson

Sun, Moon And Stars
Marcus Belgrave/Maria -7
Marcus Belgrave

Maria -7
Marvin Gaye/Here, My Dear
Marvin Gaye

Here, My Dear
McCoy Tyner/Fly With The Wind
McCoy Tyner

Fly With The Wind
Michael Jackson/Rock With You -7
Michael Jackson

Rock With You -7
Michal Urbaniak/Ecstasy
Michal Urbaniak

Monie Love/Down To Earth -7
Monie Love

Down To Earth -7
Pharoah Sanders/Live
Pharoah Sanders

Pierre Cavalli/Souvenirs From Brazil
Pierre Cavalli

Souvenirs From Brazil
Ramsey Lewis/Mother Nature's Son
Ramsey Lewis

Mother Nature’s Son
Ray Bryant/Lonesome Traveler
Ray Bryant

Lonesome Traveler
Replife/Put It Down feat. Kissey Asplund

Put It Down feat. Kissey Asplund
Rufus Harley/Scotch & Soul
Rufus Harley

Scotch & Soul
Rufus Thomas/Funky Robot pt.1 -7
Rufus Thomas

Funky Robot pt.1 -7

Sonny Red/Sonny Red
Sonny Red

Sonny Red
Starship Orchestra/Celestial Sky
Starship Orchestra

Celestial Sky
Stevie Wonder/Songs In The Key Of Life
Stevie Wonder

Songs In The Key Of Life
Storm The Unpredictable/Stop Lyin' -7
Storm The Unpredictable

Stop Lyin’ -7
Sunaga T Experience/A Healing Blue -7
Sunaga T Experience

A Healing Blue -7
The Crusaders/Southern Comfort
The Crusaders

Southern Comfort
The Isley Brothers/Don't Say Goodnight -7
The Isley Brothers

Don’t Say Goodnight -7
The Liquid Crystal Project/Capricone's Reprise -7
The Liquid Crystal Project

Capricone’s Reprise -7
The New Birth/Blind Baby
The New Birth

Blind Baby
The Smith Connection/Under My Wings
The Smith Connection

Under My Wings
The Universal Robot Band/Freak With Me -7
The Universal Robot Band

Freak With Me -7
Tommy Roe/Sweet Pea -7
Tommy Roe

Sweet Pea -7
Toquinho & Guarnieri/Botequim
Toquinho & Guarnieri

Walter Wanderley/Rain Forest
Walter Wanderley

Rain Forest

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