GIANTS OF ORGAN!~チャールズ・アーランド、グルーヴ・ホルムズ、ジミー・マグリフ、ブラザー・ジャック・マクダフ在庫更新しました


Charles Earland/Westbound #9 -7
Charles Earland

Westbound #9 -7
Charles Earland/Smokin'
Charles Earland

Charlie Earland/More Today Than Yesterday -7
Charlie Earland

More Today Than Yesterday -7
Charlie Earland/Mama Roots
Charlie Earland

Mama Roots
Charles Earland/Living Black!
Charles Earland

Living Black!
Charles Earland/Live At The Lighthouse
Charles Earland

Live At The Lighthouse
Charles Earland/Leaving This Planet
Charles Earland

Leaving This Planet
Charles Earland/Kharma
Charles Earland

Charles Earland/Intensity
Charles Earland

Charles Earland/Earland's Jam
Charles Earland

Earland’s Jam
Charles Earland/Coming To You Live
Charles Earland

Coming To You Live
Charles Earland/Charles III -7
Charles Earland

Charles III -7
Charles Earland/Charles III
Charles Earland

Charles III


Richard Groove Holmes/Six Million Dollar Man
Richard Groove Holmes

Six Million Dollar Man
Richard Groove Holmes/That Healin' Feelin'
Richard Groove Holmes

That Healin’ Feelin’
Richard Groove Holmes/Spicy
Richard Groove Holmes

Richard Groove Holmes/Soul Message
Richard Groove Holmes

Soul Message
Richard Groove Holmes/Don't Mess With Me -7
Richard Groove Holmes

Don’t Mess With Me -7


Jimmy McGriff/Stump Juice -7
Jimmy McGriff

Stump Juice -7
Jimmy McGriff/Electric Funk
Jimmy McGriff

Electric Funk
Jimmy McGriff/Cherry
Jimmy McGriff

Jimmy McGriff/The Mean Machine
Jimmy McGriff

The Mean Machine
Jimmy McGriff/I've Got A New Woman
Jimmy McGriff

I’ve Got A New Woman
Jimmy McGriff/One Of Mine
Jimmy McGriff

One Of Mine
Jimmy McGriff/I’ve Got A Woman
Jimmy McGriff

I’ve Got A Woman
Jimmy McGriff/Step One -7
Jimmy McGriff

Step One -7
Jimmy McGriff/A Bag Full Of Blues
Jimmy McGriff

A Bag Full Of Blues
Jimmy McGriff/Something To Listen To
Jimmy McGriff

Something To Listen To


Brother Jack McDuff/Black Is ! -7
Brother Jack McDuff

Black Is ! -7
Jack McDuff & Gene Ammons/Brother Jack Meets The Boss
Jack McDuff & Gene Ammons

Brother Jack Meets The Boss
Red Holloway With The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet/Cookin’ Together
Red Holloway With The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet

Cookin’ Together
Brother Jack McDuff & Devid Newman/Double Barrelled Soul
Brother Jack McDuff & Devid Newman

Double Barrelled Soul
Brother Jack McDuff/Gin And Orange -CD
Brother Jack McDuff

Gin And Orange -CD
Jack Mcduff/Ju Ju -7
Jack Mcduff

Ju Ju -7
Brother Jack McDuff/Live!
Brother Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff/Sophisticated Funk
Jack McDuff

Sophisticated Funk
Sonny Stitt With Jack McDuff/Soul Shack
Sonny Stitt With Jack McDuff

Soul Shack
Jack McDuff/The Heatin' System
Jack McDuff

The Heatin’ System
Brother Jack McDuff/The Midnight Sun
Brother Jack McDuff

The Midnight Sun
Brother Jack McDuff/The Natural Thing
Brother Jack McDuff

The Natural Thing
Brother Jack McDuff/To Seek A New Day
Brother Jack McDuff

To Seek A New Day
Willis Jackson / Jack McDuff/Together Again!
Willis Jackson / Jack McDuff

Together Again!
Brother Jack McDuff/Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?
Brother Jack McDuff

Who Knows What Tomorrow’s Gonna Bring?