Andrew Hill/Grass Roots
Andrew Hill

Grass Roots
Andrew Hill/Lift Every Voice
Andrew Hill

Lift Every Voice
Andrew Hill/Point Of Departure
Andrew Hill

Point Of Departure
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers/Moanin'
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers/Africaine
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers

Art Taylor/A.T.'s Delight
Art Taylor

A.T.’s Delight
Big John Patton/Let ‘Em Roll
Big John Patton

Let ‘Em Roll
Big John Patton/Oh Baby!
Big John Patton

Oh Baby!
Blue Mitchell/Bantu Village
Blue Mitchell

Bantu Village
Blue Mitchell/The Thing To Do
Blue Mitchell

The Thing To Do
Bobbi  Humphrey/Blacks & Blues
Bobbi Humphrey

Blacks & Blues
Bobby Hutcherson/Dialogue
Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson/Now!
Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson/Spiral
Bobby Hutcherson

Brother Jack McDuff/Down Home Style
Brother Jack McDuff

Down Home Style

Cannonball Adderley/Somethin’ Else
Cannonball Adderley

Somethin’ Else
Charlie Rouse/Bossa Nova Bacchanal
Charlie Rouse

Bossa Nova Bacchanal
Cliff Jordan/Cliff Craft
Cliff Jordan

Cliff Craft
Cliff Jordan/Cliff Jordan
Cliff Jordan

Cliff Jordan
Clifford Jordan/John Gilmore/Blowing In From Chicago
Clifford Jordan/John Gilmore

Blowing In From Chicago
Dizzy Reece/Blues In Trinity
Dizzy Reece

Blues In Trinity
Dizzy Reece/Star Bright
Dizzy Reece

Star Bright
Don Wilkerson/Shoutin’
Don Wilkerson

Donald Byrd/Black Byrd
Donald Byrd

Black Byrd
Donald Byrd/Blackjack
Donald Byrd

Donald Byrd/Electric Byrd
Donald Byrd

Electric Byrd
Donald Byrd/Ethiopian Knights
Donald Byrd

Ethiopian Knights
Donald Byrd/Mustang!
Donald Byrd

Donald Byrd/Slow Drag
Donald Byrd

Slow Drag
Donald Byrd/Street Lady
Donald Byrd

Street Lady
Donald Byrd/The Cat Walk
Donald Byrd

The Cat Walk
Duke Pearson/Sweet Honey Bee
Duke Pearson

Sweet Honey Bee
Eric Dolphy/Out To Lunch!
Eric Dolphy

Out To Lunch!
Fred Jackson/Hootin' 'N Tootin'
Fred Jackson

Hootin’ ‘N Tootin’
Freddie Hubbard/Open Sesame
Freddie Hubbard

Open Sesame
Freddie Roach/Good Move
Freddie Roach

Good Move
George Braith/Two Souls In One
George Braith

Two Souls In One
Grachan Moncur III/Evolution
Grachan Moncur III

Grant Green/Carryin' On
Grant Green

Carryin’ On
Grant Green/Grant's First Stand
Grant Green

Grant’s First Stand
Grant Green/Green Is Beautiful
Grant Green

Green Is Beautiful
Grant Green/Green Street
Grant Green

Green Street
Grant Green/Idle Moments
Grant Green

Idle Moments
Grant Green/Solid
Grant Green

Grant Green/The Final Comedown
Grant Green

The Final Comedown
Grant Green/The Latin Bit
Grant Green

The Latin Bit
Hank Mobley/A Caddy For Daddy
Hank Mobley

A Caddy For Daddy
Hank Mobley/A Slice Of The Top
Hank Mobley

A Slice Of The Top
Hank Mobley/Hank
Hank Mobley

Hank Mobley/Hank Mobley
Hank Mobley

Hank Mobley
Hank Mobley/Hi Voltage
Hank Mobley

Hi Voltage
Hank Mobley/Roll Call
Hank Mobley

Roll Call
Hank Mobley/Soul Station
Hank Mobley

Soul Station
Hank Mobley/The Turnaround!
Hank Mobley

The Turnaround!
Hank Mobley/Thinking Of Home
Hank Mobley

Thinking Of Home
Hank Mobley/Workout
Hank Mobley

Herbie Hancock/Inventions & Dimensions
Herbie Hancock

Inventions & Dimensions
Herbie Hancock/Maiden Voyage
Herbie Hancock

Maiden Voyage
Herbie Hancock/My Point Of View
Herbie Hancock

My Point Of View
Herbie Hancock/The Prisoner
Herbie Hancock

The Prisoner
Horace Silver/Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quintet
Horace Silver

Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quintet
Horace Silver/Song For My Father
Horace Silver

Song For My Father
Horace Silver/Total Response
Horace Silver

Total Response
Ike Quebec/It Might As Well Be Spring
Ike Quebec

It Might As Well Be Spring
J.R. Monterose/J.R. Monterose
J.R. Monterose

J.R. Monterose
Jackie Mclean/A Fickle Sonance
Jackie Mclean

A Fickle Sonance
Jackie McLean/Action
Jackie McLean

Jackie McLean/Capuchin Swing
Jackie McLean

Capuchin Swing
Jackie McLean/Vertigo
Jackie McLean

Jimmy McGriff/Electric Funk
Jimmy McGriff

Electric Funk
Joe Henderson/Inner Urge
Joe Henderson

Inner Urge
Joe Henderson/Mode For Joe
Joe Henderson

Mode For Joe
Joe Henderson/Page One
Joe Henderson

Page One
John Coltrane/Blue Train
John Coltrane

Blue Train
Johnny Coles/Little Johnny C
Johnny Coles

Little Johnny C
Johnny Griffin/The Congregation
Johnny Griffin

The Congregation
Jutta Hipp/Jutta Hipp
Jutta Hipp

Jutta Hipp
Kenny Dorham/Afro Cuban
Kenny Dorham

Afro Cuban
Kenny Dorham/Trompeta Toccata
Kenny Dorham

Trompeta Toccata
Kenny Dorham/Una Mas
Kenny Dorham

Una Mas
Kenny Dorham/Whistle Stop
Kenny Dorham

Whistle Stop
Larry Young/Contrasts
Larry Young

Larry Young/Heaven On Earth
Larry Young

Heaven On Earth
Larry Young/Mother Ship
Larry Young

Mother Ship
Larry Young/Unity
Larry Young

Lee Morgan/Candy
Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan/Charisma
Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan/City Lights
Lee Morgan

City Lights
Lee Morgan/Cornbread
Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan/Indeed!
Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan/Lee Way
Lee Morgan

Lee Way
Lee Morgan/Taru
Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan/The Cooker
Lee Morgan

The Cooker
Lee Morgan/The Rumproller
Lee Morgan

The Rumproller
Lee Morgan/The Sixth Sense
Lee Morgan

The Sixth Sense
Lee Morgan/Tom Cat
Lee Morgan

Tom Cat
Lonnie Smith/Move Your Hand
Lonnie Smith

Move Your Hand
Lonnie Smith/Turning Point
Lonnie Smith

Turning Point
Lonnie Smoth/Think!
Lonnie Smoth

Lou Donaldson/Alligator Bogaloo
Lou Donaldson

Alligator Bogaloo
Lou Donaldson/Blues Walk
Lou Donaldson

Blues Walk
Lou Donaldson/Everything I Play Is Funky
Lou Donaldson

Everything I Play Is Funky
Lou Donaldson/Midnight Creeper
Lou Donaldson

Midnight Creeper
Lou Donaldson/Mr. Shing-A-Ling
Lou Donaldson

Mr. Shing-A-Ling
Lou Donaldson/Say It Loud!
Lou Donaldson

Say It Loud!
Marlena Shaw/Live At Montreux
Marlena Shaw

Live At Montreux
Pete La Roca/Basra
Pete La Roca

Reuben Wilson/Blue Mode
Reuben Wilson

Blue Mode
Reuben Wilson/Love Bug
Reuben Wilson

Love Bug
Ronnie Foster/Two Headed Freap
Ronnie Foster

Two Headed Freap
Sonny Clark/Dial S For Sonny
Sonny Clark

Dial S For Sonny
Sonny Clark/Sonny's Crib
Sonny Clark

Sonny’s Crib
Sonny Red/Out Of The Blue
Sonny Red

Out Of The Blue
Tina Brooks/True Blue
Tina Brooks

True Blue
Wayne Shorter/Night Dreamer
Wayne Shorter

Night Dreamer
Wayne Shorter/Speak No Evil
Wayne Shorter

Speak No Evil
Wayne Shorter/The All Seeing Eye
Wayne Shorter

The All Seeing Eye
Wayne Shorter/The Soothsayer
Wayne Shorter

The Soothsayer