A Cor Do Som/Transe Total
A Cor Do Som

Transe Total
Ace Spectrum/Inner Spectrum
Ace Spectrum

Inner Spectrum
Ahmad Jamal/Genetic Walk
Ahmad Jamal

Genetic Walk
Al Green/Let's Stay Together
Al Green

Let’s Stay Together
Al Jarreau/Look To The Rainbow
Al Jarreau

Look To The Rainbow
Al Jarreau/We Got By
Al Jarreau

We Got By
Al Wilson/La La Peace Song
Al Wilson

La La Peace Song
Alton Ellis/Here I Am
Alton Ellis

Here I Am
Angela Bofill/Angie
Angela Bofill

Anita Baker/Rapture
Anita Baker

Aretha Franklin/Sweet Passion
Aretha Franklin

Sweet Passion
Aretha Franklin/You
Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin/Let Me In Your Life
Aretha Franklin

Let Me In Your Life
Babatunde And Phenomena/Levels Of Conciousness
Babatunde And Phenomena

Levels Of Conciousness
Barry White/Stone Gon'
Barry White

Stone Gon’
Ben Vereen/Ben Vereen
Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen
Bill Cosby/Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days Rat Own Rat Own Rat Own
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days Rat Own Rat Own Rat Own
Bobbi Humphrey/Freestyle
Bobbi Humphrey

Bobbi Humphrey/Blacks And Blues
Bobbi Humphrey

Blacks And Blues
Booker T./I Want You
Booker T.

I Want You
Bootsy Collins/Ultra Wave
Bootsy Collins

Ultra Wave

Brothers By Choice/Brothers By Choice
Brothers By Choice

Brothers By Choice
Carmen McRae/Can't Hide Love
Carmen McRae

Can’t Hide Love
Chick Streetman/Growing Up
Chick Streetman

Growing Up
Commodores/Hot On The Tracks

Hot On The Tracks
Curtis Mayfield/Never Say You Can't Survive
Curtis Mayfield

Never Say You Can’t Survive
Curtis Mayfield/Heartbeat
Curtis Mayfield

David T. Walker/Going Up!
David T. Walker

Going Up!
DeBarge/In A Special Way

In A Special Way
DeBarge/All This Love

All This Love
Debra Laws/Very Special
Debra Laws

Very Special
Delegation/Deuces High

Deuces High
Diana Ross/Everythig Is Everything
Diana Ross

Everythig Is Everything
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye/Diana & Marvin
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye

Diana & Marvin
Dionne Warwicke/Then Came You
Dionne Warwicke

Then Came You
Djavan/Meu Lado

Meu Lado
Donald Byrd/Black Byrd
Donald Byrd

Black Byrd
Donny Hathaway/The Best Of Donny Hathaway
Donny Hathaway

The Best Of Donny Hathaway
Donny Hathaway/In Performance
Donny Hathaway

In Performance
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band/Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
Earth Wind & Fire/All N' All
Earth Wind & Fire

All N’ All
Earth Wind & Fire/Head To The Sky
Earth Wind & Fire

Head To The Sky
Earth Wind & Fire/Gratitude
Earth Wind & Fire

Earth Wind & Fire/Spirit
Earth Wind & Fire

Eddie Fisher/Hot Lunch
Eddie Fisher

Hot Lunch
Emilio Santiago/A Arte De Emilio Santiago
Emilio Santiago

A Arte De Emilio Santiago

Erykah Badu/World Wide Underground
Erykah Badu

World Wide Underground
Esther Phillips/Good Black Is Hard To Crack
Esther Phillips

Good Black Is Hard To Crack
Esther Satterfield/Once I Loved
Esther Satterfield

Once I Loved
Esther Satterfield/The Need To Be
Esther Satterfield

The Need To Be
Eugene Hash/Try Again
Eugene Hash

Try Again
Eugene Record/Welcome To My Fantasy
Eugene Record

Welcome To My Fantasy
Eugene Record/Trying To Get To You
Eugene Record

Trying To Get To You
Flight/Excursion Beyond

Excursion Beyond

George Benson/Good King Band
George Benson

Good King Band
George Benson/Give Me The Night
George Benson

Give Me The Night
George Benson/In Concert - Carnegie Hall
George Benson

In Concert – Carnegie Hall
George Benson/Breezin'
George Benson

Georgie Fame/Georgie Fame
Georgie Fame

Georgie Fame
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson/Secrets
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson

Grady Tate/Master Grady Tate
Grady Tate

Master Grady Tate
Grover Washington Jr./Winelight
Grover Washington Jr.

Gwen McCrae/Rockin' Chair
Gwen McCrae

Rockin’ Chair
Gwen McCrae/Something So Right
Gwen McCrae

Something So Right
Heath Brothers/In Motion
Heath Brothers

In Motion
Heatwave/Central Heating

Central Heating
Herbie Hancock/Thrust
Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock/Mr. Hands
Herbie Hancock

Mr. Hands
Impressions/Loving Power

Loving Power
Inner Circle/Ready For The World
Inner Circle

Ready For The World
Isaac Redd Hold Unlimited/Isaac, Isaac, Isaac,
Isaac Redd Hold Unlimited

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac,
J.O.B. Orquestra/Open The Door To Your Heart
J.O.B. Orquestra

Open The Door To Your Heart
Jackson 5/ABC
Jackson 5

Jean Carn/Jean Carn
Jean Carn

Jean Carn
Jerry Butler/The Ice Man Cometh
Jerry Butler

The Ice Man Cometh
Jerry Butler/Ice On Ice
Jerry Butler

Ice On Ice
Johnny Bristol/Strangers
Johnny Bristol

Jon Lucien/Premonition
Jon Lucien

Junior Soul/Story Book Children
Junior Soul

Story Book Children
Kool & The Gang/Open Sesame
Kool & The Gang

Open Sesame

Linda Lewis/Hearts Strings
Linda Lewis

Hearts Strings
Linda Williams/City Living
Linda Williams

City Living
Lonnie Hewitt/Keepin' It Together
Lonnie Hewitt

Keepin’ It Together
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes/Renaissance
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

Manchild/Power And Love

Power And Love
Marlena Shaw/Sweet Beginnings
Marlena Shaw

Sweet Beginnings
Marlena Shaw/Take A Bite
Marlena Shaw

Take A Bite
Marvin Gaye/Midnight Love
Marvin Gaye

Midnight Love
Mary Jane Girls/Mary Jane Girls
Mary Jane Girls

Mary Jane Girls
Maze/Live In New Orleans

Live In New Orleans
Melisa Manchester/Don't Cry Out Loud
Melisa Manchester

Don’t Cry Out Loud
Midnight Star/Planetary Invasion
Midnight Star

Planetary Invasion
Milt Jackson/Sunflower
Milt Jackson

Minnie Riperton/Stay In Love
Minnie Riperton

Stay In Love
Minnie Riperton/Adventures In Paradise
Minnie Riperton

Adventures In Paradise
Minnie Riperton/Love Lives Forever
Minnie Riperton

Love Lives Forever
Minnie Riperton/Minnie
Minnie Riperton

Nancy Wilson/Life, Love And Harmony
Nancy Wilson

Life, Love And Harmony
Natalie Cole/Thankful
Natalie Cole

Norman Connors/This Is Your Life
Norman Connors

This Is Your Life
Norman Connors/Slewfoot
Norman Connors



Ohio Players/Skin Tight
Ohio Players

Skin Tight
Phyllis Hyman/Phyllis Hyman
Phyllis Hyman

Phyllis Hyman
Pieces Of A Dream/Imagine This
Pieces Of A Dream

Imagine This
Plunky And Oneness Of Juju/Every Way But Loose
Plunky And Oneness Of Juju

Every Way But Loose
Prince/For You

For You
Quincy Jones/Smackwater Jack
Quincy Jones

Smackwater Jack
Quincy Jones/Body Heat
Quincy Jones

Body Heat
Quincy Jones/Mellow Madness
Quincy Jones

Mellow Madness
Ralfi Pagan/With Love
Ralfi Pagan

With Love
Roberta Flack/Oasis
Roberta Flack

Roy Ayers/You Send Me
Roy Ayers

You Send Me
Roy Ayers/Center Of The World
Roy Ayers

Center Of The World
Sergio Mendes/The New Brasil '77
Sergio Mendes

The New Brasil ’77
Spinners/Mighty Love

Mighty Love
Stevie Wonder/Music Of My Mind
Stevie Wonder

Music Of My Mind
T Connection/T Connection
T Connection

T Connection
T-Connection/Totally Connected

Totally Connected
Teddy Pendergrass/TP
Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass/Life Is A Song Worth Singing
Teddy Pendergrass

Life Is A Song Worth Singing
Terry Callier/I Just Can't Help Myself
Terry Callier

I Just Can’t Help Myself
Terry Callier/Fire On Ice
Terry Callier

Fire On Ice
The 5th Dimension/Portrait
The 5th Dimension

The Chi-Lites/Give More Power To The People
The Chi-Lites

Give More Power To The People
The DeBarges/The DeBarges
The DeBarges

The DeBarges
The Delfonics/Super Hits
The Delfonics

Super Hits
The Emotions/Sunbeam
The Emotions

The Imperials/Who's Gonna Love Me
The Imperials

Who’s Gonna Love Me
The Isley Brothers/Winner Takes All
The Isley Brothers

Winner Takes All
The Isley Brothers/Harvest For The World
The Isley Brothers

Harvest For The World
The Isley Brothers/Between The Sheets
The Isley Brothers

Between The Sheets
The Isley Brothers/Live It Up
The Isley Brothers

Live It Up
The Isley Brothers/Go All The Way
The Isley Brothers

Go All The Way
The Isley Brothers/3+3
The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers/The Heat Is On
The Isley Brothers

The Heat Is On
The Krush/The Krush
The Krush

The Krush
The O Jays/Travellin' At The Speed Of Thought
The O Jays

Travellin’ At The Speed Of Thought
The Rance Allen Group/The Rance Allen Group
The Rance Allen Group

The Rance Allen Group
The Supremes/Mary, Scherrie & Susaye
The Supremes

Mary, Scherrie & Susaye
The Supremes/The Supremes At Their Best
The Supremes

The Supremes At Their Best
The Voices Of East Harlem/Can You Feel It
The Voices Of East Harlem

Can You Feel It
The Whatnauts/Party On -12
The Whatnauts

Party On -12
Thelma Houston/The Devil In Me
Thelma Houston

The Devil In Me
Tim Maia/Somos America
Tim Maia

Somos America
Tower Of Power/Ain’t Nothin’ Stoppin’ Us Now
Tower Of Power

Ain’t Nothin’ Stoppin’ Us Now
Ubiquity (Roy Ayers)/Starbooty
Ubiquity (Roy Ayers)

V.A./ Home Grown -2/Nohelani Cypriano / Ray Gooliak etc.
V.A./ Home Grown -2

Nohelani Cypriano / Ray Gooliak etc.
V.A./ Home Grown III/Jeri Gertz. Leahi. AYM etc.
V.A./ Home Grown III

Jeri Gertz. Leahi. AYM etc.
Webster Lewis/8 For The 80's
Webster Lewis

8 For The 80’s
Windy City/Let Me Ride
Windy City

Let Me Ride
Young And Company/I Like What You're Doing To Me
Young And Company

I Like What You’re Doing To Me