The Bamboos / Tighten Up などKAY-DEEのカタログ入荷しました

KENNY DOPEが主催するレーベル、KAY-DEEのバック・カタログ入荷!

Wizdom/I’m So In Love With You -7”

I’m So In Love With You -7”
Vass Corporation/One More Day (Kenny Dope Remix) -7”
Vass Corporation

One More Day (Kenny Dope Remix) -7”
The Dap Kings/Nervous Like Me -7
The Dap Kings

Nervous Like Me -7
The Bamboos/Tighten Up -7”
The Bamboos

Tighten Up -7”
Spade Brigade/I'm Your Man -7
Spade Brigade

I’m Your Man -7
Soul Severes/I Got It -7”
Soul Severes

I Got It -7”
Soul Excitement/Stay Together -7
Soul Excitement

Stay Together -7
Rickey Calloway/Tell Me -12”
Rickey Calloway

Tell Me -12”
Mugo/Organize (Kenny Dope Edit) -7

Organize (Kenny Dope Edit) -7
Mellow Madness/Save The Youth -12
Mellow Madness

Save The Youth -12
Mellow Madness/Save The Youth -7”
Mellow Madness

Save The Youth -7”
Manzel/Can You Feel My Love -7

Can You Feel My Love -7
Manzel/Midnight Theme -7

Midnight Theme -7
Manzel/Space Funk -7

Space Funk -7
Funky Nassau/Bahama Soul Stew -7
Funky Nassau

Bahama Soul Stew -7
Clarence Reid/Masterpiece (Kenny Dope Edit) -7”
Clarence Reid

Masterpiece (Kenny Dope Edit) -7”
Brass Construction/Got To Be Love -7”
Brass Construction

Got To Be Love -7”
Brass Construction/Take It Easy -7”
Brass Construction

Take It Easy -7”
Bliss/Move It (To Another Side) -7

Move It (To Another Side) -7
Bella Farms Estate/Puddin -Kenny Dope Main Mix -12”
Bella Farms Estate

Puddin -Kenny Dope Main Mix -12”