Ju-Par Universal Orchestra Time / Funky Music などSOUL/FUNK 45’s大量入荷中です

A Taste Of Honey/Boogie Oogie Oogie -7
A Taste Of Honey

Boogie Oogie Oogie -7
A.C. Reed/Boogaloo Tramp -7
A.C. Reed

Boogaloo Tramp -7
Albert Jones/Vida Blue -7”
Albert Jones

Vida Blue -7”
Banbarra/Shack Up -7

Shack Up -7
Bataan/The Bottle(La Bottela) -7

The Bottle(La Bottela) -7
Body & Soul/Things -7
Body & Soul

Things -7
Brass Construction/Movin' -7"
Brass Construction

Movin’ -7″
Brick/Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody -7

Ain’t Gonna’ Hurt Nobody -7
Brick/Dazz -7

Dazz -7
Brick/Dusic -7

Dusic -7
Chaka Khan/I'm Every Woman -7
Chaka Khan

I’m Every Woman -7
Change Of Pace/Bring My Buddies Back -7”
Change Of Pace

Bring My Buddies Back -7”
Chet Poison Ivey And His Fabulous Avengers/Shake A Poo Poo -7
Chet Poison Ivey And His Fabulous Avengers

Shake A Poo Poo -7
Chuck Jackson/I Needing You Waiting -7”
Chuck Jackson

I Needing You Waiting -7”
Con Funk Shun/Funn -7
Con Funk Shun

Funn -7
Debarge/All This Love -7

All This Love -7
Debarge/Rhythm Of The Night -7

Rhythm Of The Night -7
Debra Laws/Very Special -7"
Debra Laws

Very Special -7″
Delegation/Oh Honey -7

Oh Honey -7
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain/One Beautiful Day -7
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

One Beautiful Day -7
Fatback/Get Out On The Dance Floor -7

Get Out On The Dance Floor -7
Fatback/Kool Whip -7

Kool Whip -7
Four Tops/I’ll Return To Stone -7”
Four Tops

I’ll Return To Stone -7”
Fred & The New J.B.’s/Making Love -7
Fred & The New J.B.’s

Making Love -7
Frederick Knight/Suzy -7
Frederick Knight

Suzy -7
General Johnson/We The People -7”
General Johnson

We The People -7”
Harry Ray/Lost Affair -7
Harry Ray

Lost Affair -7
Hosanna/Hipit -Part 1 -7”

Hipit -Part 1 -7”
Hot Line/Juice It Up -7”
Hot Line

Juice It Up -7”
Jablonski/Soul Makossa (Part 1) -7

Soul Makossa (Part 1) -7
James Brown/I Cried -7
James Brown

I Cried -7
James Brown/Take Me Higher And Groove Me -7”
James Brown

Take Me Higher And Groove Me -7”
James Brown And The Famous Flames/Have Mercy Baby -7”
James Brown And The Famous Flames

Have Mercy Baby -7”
Jerry-O/Get A Line -7

Get A Line -7
Joe Quarterman and Free Soul/Find Yourself -7
Joe Quarterman and Free Soul

Find Yourself -7
Juice/Catch A Groove -7

Catch A Groove -7
Julius Thomas/I Gotta Change My Ways -7”
Julius Thomas

I Gotta Change My Ways -7”
Karen Young/Hot Shot -7”
Karen Young

Hot Shot -7”
Kool & The Gang/Cherish -7
Kool & The Gang

Cherish -7
Kool & The Gang/Open Sesame -7
Kool & The Gang

Open Sesame -7
L.V. Johnson/Let Yourself Go -7
L.V. Johnson

Let Yourself Go -7
Leon Ware/What's Your Name -7"
Leon Ware

What’s Your Name -7″
Liberation/Little Green Piece Of Paper -7”

Little Green Piece Of Paper -7”
Linda Williams/City Living -7”
Linda Williams

City Living -7”
Little Beaver/Joey -7
Little Beaver

Joey -7
Lyn Collins/Wheel Of Life -7
Lyn Collins

Wheel Of Life -7
Margie Joseph/Knockout -7
Margie Joseph

Knockout -7
Marvin Gaye/A Funky Space Reincarnation -7
Marvin Gaye

A Funky Space Reincarnation -7
Marvin Gaye/Got To Give It Up -7
Marvin Gaye

Got To Give It Up -7
MFSB/Philadelphia Freedom -7”

Philadelphia Freedom -7”
Mickey And His Mice/Cracker Jack -7
Mickey And His Mice

Cracker Jack -7
Mtume/Juicy Fruit -7

Juicy Fruit -7
New Edition/Mr Telephone Man -7
New Edition

Mr Telephone Man -7
Notations/Think Before You Stop -7"

Think Before You Stop -7″
O'Jays/Back Stabbers -7

Back Stabbers -7
O'Jays/Work On Me -7

Work On Me -7
Ohio Players/Fopp -7”
Ohio Players

Fopp -7”
Oliver Sain/Bus Stop -7”
Oliver Sain

Bus Stop -7”
Ollie Nightingale/It’s Sad Thing -7”
Ollie Nightingale

It’s Sad Thing -7”
Patrice Rushen/Forget Me Nots -7"
Patrice Rushen

Forget Me Nots -7″
Philip P.I.N.N./Blinded By Science -7
Philip P.I.N.N.

Blinded By Science -7
Raydio/Jack And Jill -7

Jack And Jill -7
Rick James/Mary Jane -7"
Rick James

Mary Jane -7″
Rimshots/Save That Thing -7”

Save That Thing -7”
Robert Parker/Everybody's Hip Huggin -7
Robert Parker

Everybody’s Hip Huggin -7
Roberta Flack/Feelin That Glow -7
Roberta Flack

Feelin That Glow -7
Shack/Too Many Lovers -7”

Too Many Lovers -7”
Sharon Ridley/Stay A While With Me -7”
Sharon Ridley

Stay A While With Me -7”
Shirley And Company/I Like To Dance -7”
Shirley And Company

I Like To Dance -7”
Sister Sledge/He’s A Greatest Dancer -7”
Sister Sledge

He’s A Greatest Dancer -7”
Skull Snaps/Ain’t That Lovin’ You -7”
Skull Snaps

Ain’t That Lovin’ You -7”
Slave/Watching You -7

Watching You -7
Smokey Robinson/Cruisin' -7
Smokey Robinson

Cruisin’ -7
Smokey Robinson/Daylight & Darkness -7
Smokey Robinson

Daylight & Darkness -7
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles/The Tears Of A Clown -7
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

The Tears Of A Clown -7
Son's Of Funk/From The Back Side -7
Son’s Of Funk

From The Back Side -7
Stevie Wonder/As -7
Stevie Wonder

As -7
Stevie Wonder/I Wish -7
Stevie Wonder

I Wish -7
Stevie Wonder/Master Blaster -7
Stevie Wonder

Master Blaster -7
Sugar Billy/Super Duper Love -7"
Sugar Billy

Super Duper Love -7″
Sweet Music/I Get Lifted -7”
Sweet Music

I Get Lifted -7”
Sylvia/Pillow Talk -7

Pillow Talk -7
The Boogaloo Investigators/Let The Groove Move You -7
The Boogaloo Investigators

Let The Groove Move You -7
The Chi-Lites/Here I Am -7
The Chi-Lites

Here I Am -7
The Chi-Lites/You Don't Have To Go -7
The Chi-Lites

You Don’t Have To Go -7
The Fatback Band/Gotta Learn How To Dance -7
The Fatback Band

Gotta Learn How To Dance -7
The Fatback Band/Street Dance -7
The Fatback Band

Street Dance -7
The Imperials/Who’s Gonna Love Me -7”
The Imperials

Who’s Gonna Love Me -7”
The Independents/It’s All Over -7”
The Independents

It’s All Over -7”
The Jackson 5/I'll Be There -7
The Jackson 5

I’ll Be There -7
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra/Time / Funky Music -7"
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra

Time / Funky Music -7″
The Quantic Orchestra/Pushin On' -7
The Quantic Orchestra

Pushin On’ -7
The Trammps/Hooked For Life -7”
The Trammps

Hooked For Life -7”
Thelma Houston/Saturday Night,Sunday Morning -7"
Thelma Houston

Saturday Night,Sunday Morning -7″
Vernon Burch/When The Summer's Over -7
Vernon Burch

When The Summer’s Over -7
Village Soul Choir/The Cat Walk -7”
Village Soul Choir

The Cat Walk -7”
Willie Williams/Wine Headed Woman -7”
Willie Williams

Wine Headed Woman -7”
Willis Jackson Feat. Ann Winley/Bow Legged Daddy -7”
Willis Jackson Feat. Ann Winley

Bow Legged Daddy -7”
Wilson Pickett/Love Will Keep Us Together -7”
Wilson Pickett

Love Will Keep Us Together -7”
Zapp/Dance Floor -7”

Dance Floor -7”