Label Discography – Cadet Records

cadet company sleeve

Ahmad Jamal/Coun 'Em 88
Ahmad Jamal

Coun ‘Em 88
Ahmad Jamal/Cry Young
Ahmad Jamal

Cry Young
Ahmad Jamal/Heat Wave
Ahmad Jamal

Heat Wave
Ahmad Jamal/Macanudo
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal/Poinciana
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal/Standard-Eyes
Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal/The Bright, The Blue And The Beautiful
Ahmad Jamal

The Bright, The Blue And The Beautiful
Art Blakey/Tough!
Art Blakey

Bobby Bryant/Swahili Strut
Bobby Bryant

Swahili Strut
Brother Jack McDuff/Getting Our Thing Together
Brother Jack McDuff

Getting Our Thing Together
Brother Jack McDuff/Gin And Orange
Brother Jack McDuff

Gin And Orange
Brother Jack McDuff/The Natural Thing
Brother Jack McDuff

The Natural Thing
Bunky Green/Playin' For Keeps
Bunky Green

Playin’ For Keeps
Bunky Green/The Latinization
Bunky Green

The Latinization
Dorothy Ashby/Afro Harping
Dorothy Ashby

Afro Harping
Dorothy Ashby/Dorothy's Harp
Dorothy Ashby

Dorothy’s Harp
Eddie Fisher/Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years
Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years
Etta James/Etta James Sings Funk
Etta James

Etta James Sings Funk
Harold Land Quintet/The Peace-Maker
Harold Land Quintet

The Peace-Maker
Howlin' Wolf/The Howlin' Wolf Album
Howlin’ Wolf

The Howlin’ Wolf Album
Jack McDuff/Check This Out
Jack McDuff

Check This Out
Jack McDuff/Magnetic Feel
Jack McDuff

Magnetic Feel
Jack McDuff/The Fourth Dimension
Jack McDuff

The Fourth Dimension
Jack McDuff/The Heatin' System
Jack McDuff

The Heatin’ System
Jimmy Ponder/While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Jimmy Ponder

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
John Klemmer/All The Children Cried
John Klemmer

All The Children Cried
John Klemmer/Blowin' Gold
John Klemmer

Blowin’ Gold
Kenny Burrell/Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas
Kenny Burrell

Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas
Kenny Burrell/Ode To 52nd Street
Kenny Burrell

Ode To 52nd Street
Kenny Burrell/The Tender Gender
Kenny Burrell

The Tender Gender
Marlena Shaw/Out Of Different Bags
Marlena Shaw

Out Of Different Bags
Muddy Waters/Electric Mud
Muddy Waters

Electric Mud
Odell Brown/Free Delivery
Odell Brown

Free Delivery
Odell Brown/Odell Brwn Plays Otis Redding
Odell Brown

Odell Brwn Plays Otis Redding
Odell Brown And The Organ-Izers/Mellow Yellow
Odell Brown And The Organ-Izers

Mellow Yellow
Odell Brown And The Organ-Izers/Raising The Roof
Odell Brown And The Organ-Izers

Raising The Roof
Phil Upchurch/The Way I Feel
Phil Upchurch

The Way I Feel
Ramsey Lewis/Back To The Roots
Ramsey Lewis

Back To The Roots
Ramsey Lewis/Dancing In The Street
Ramsey Lewis

Dancing In The Street
Ramsey Lewis/Goin' Latin
Ramsey Lewis

Goin’ Latin
Ramsey Lewis/Hang On Ramsey!
Ramsey Lewis

Hang On Ramsey!
Ramsey Lewis/Maiden Voyage
Ramsey Lewis

Maiden Voyage
Ramsey Lewis/More Sounds Of Christmas
Ramsey Lewis

More Sounds Of Christmas
Ramsey Lewis/Mother Nature's Son
Ramsey Lewis

Mother Nature’s Son
Ramsey Lewis/Solid Ivory
Ramsey Lewis

Solid Ivory
Ramsey Lewis/The In Crowd
Ramsey Lewis

The In Crowd
Ramsey Lewis/The Piano Player
Ramsey Lewis

The Piano Player
Ramsey Lewis/Them Changes
Ramsey Lewis

Them Changes
Ramsey Lewis/Up Pops
Ramsey Lewis

Up Pops
Ramsey Lewis/Wade In The Water
Ramsey Lewis

Wade In The Water
Ray Bryant/In The Cut
Ray Bryant

In The Cut
Ray Bryant/Lonesome Traveler
Ray Bryant

Lonesome Traveler
Ray Bryant/Slow Freight
Ray Bryant

Slow Freight
Ray Bryant/Take A Bryant Step
Ray Bryant

Take A Bryant Step
Ray Bryant/Touch
Ray Bryant

Ray Bryant/Up Above The Rock
Ray Bryant

Up Above The Rock
Reuben Wilson/Got To Get Your Own
Reuben Wilson

Got To Get Your Own
Rotary Connection/Rotary Connection
Rotary Connection

Rotary Connection
Sam Lazar/Soul Merchant
Sam Lazar

Soul Merchant
Shirley Scott/Mystical Lady
Shirley Scott

Mystical Lady
Shirley Scott/Superstition
Shirley Scott

Sonny Cox/The Wailer
Sonny Cox

The Wailer
Sonny Stitt/Mr. Bojangles
Sonny Stitt

Mr. Bojangles
Sonny Stitt/Never Can Say Goodbye
Sonny Stitt

Never Can Say Goodbye
Soulful Strings/In Concert
Soulful Strings

In Concert
Terry Callier/I Just Can't Help Myself
Terry Callier

I Just Can’t Help Myself
Terry Callier/Occasional Rain
Terry Callier

Occasional Rain
The Dells/Freedom Means
The Dells

Freedom Means
The Dells/GIve Your Baby A Standing Ovation
The Dells

GIve Your Baby A Standing Ovation
The Dells/Love Is Blue
The Dells

Love Is Blue
The Dells/Musical Menu
The Dells

Musical Menu
The Dells/Sweet As Funk Can Be
The Dells

Sweet As Funk Can Be
The Dells/The Dells
The Dells

The Dells
The Dells/The Dells Sing Dionne Warwicke's Greatest Hits
The Dells

The Dells Sing Dionne Warwicke’s Greatest Hits
The Dells/There Is
The Dells

There Is
The New Rotary Connection/Hey, Love
The New Rotary Connection

Hey, Love
The Ray Bryant Trio/Gotta Travel On
The Ray Bryant Trio

Gotta Travel On
The Soulful Strings/Groovin' With The Soulful Strings
The Soulful Strings

Groovin’ With The Soulful Strings
Woody Herman/Light My Fire
Woody Herman

Light My Fire
Yusef Lateef/Yusef Lateef
Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef
Brother Jack McDuff/Black Is ! -7
Brother Jack McDuff

Black Is ! -7
Kenny Burrell/Hot Bossa -7
Kenny Burrell

Hot Bossa -7
Marlena Shaw/A Couple Of Losers -7
Marlena Shaw

A Couple Of Losers -7
Marlena Shaw/California Soul -7
Marlena Shaw

California Soul -7
Marlena Shaw/Go Away Little Boy -7
Marlena Shaw

Go Away Little Boy -7
Marlena Shaw/Woman Of The Ghetto -7
Marlena Shaw

Woman Of The Ghetto -7
Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers/Mellow Yellow -7
Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers

Mellow Yellow -7
Pigmeat Markham/Sock It To ‘Em Judge -7
Pigmeat Markham

Sock It To ‘Em Judge -7
Ramsey Lewis/Back To The Roots -7
Ramsey Lewis

Back To The Roots -7
Ramsey Lewis/Do What You Wanna -7
Ramsey Lewis

Do What You Wanna -7
Ramsey Lewis/Les Fleur -7
Ramsey Lewis

Les Fleur -7
Ramsey Lewis/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town -7"
Ramsey Lewis

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town -7″
Ramsey Lewis/The Look Of Love -7
Ramsey Lewis

The Look Of Love -7
Ramsey Lewis/Unsilent Minority -7
Ramsey Lewis

Unsilent Minority -7
Ramsey Lewis/Up In Yonder -7”
Ramsey Lewis

Up In Yonder -7”
Ramsey Lewis/Wanderin’ Rose -7
Ramsey Lewis

Wanderin’ Rose -7
Ramsey Lewis & CO./Them Changes -7”
Ramsey Lewis & CO.

Them Changes -7”
Ray Bryant/Gotta Travel On -7
Ray Bryant

Gotta Travel On -7
Ray Bryant/Slow Freight -7
Ray Bryant

Slow Freight -7
The Soulful Strings/Burning Spear -7
The Soulful Strings

Burning Spear -7
The Soulful Strings/Listen Here -7”
The Soulful Strings

Listen Here -7”
Woody Herman/I Can’t Get Next To You -7
Woody Herman

I Can’t Get Next To You -7