Label Discography – Catalyst

Ahmad Jamal/Oil Can Harry's
Ahmad Jamal

Oil Can Harry’s
Alberto Favero/Suite Trane
Alberto Favero

Suite Trane
Chivo Borraro/Buenos Aires Blues
Chivo Borraro

Buenos Aires Blues
Don Menza/First Flight
Don Menza

First Flight
Flip Nunez/My Own Time And Space
Flip Nunez

My Own Time And Space
Frank Strazzeri/After The Rain
Frank Strazzeri

After The Rain
Gary Bartz/Ju Ju Man
Gary Bartz

Ju Ju Man
George Muribus/Brazilian Tapestry
George Muribus

Brazilian Tapestry
George Muribus/George Muribus Trio '77
George Muribus

George Muribus Trio ’77
Hadley Caliman/Celebration
Hadley Caliman

Hadley Caliman/Projecting
Hadley Caliman

Irene Kral/Kral Space
Irene Kral

Kral Space
Jim Gannon/Gannon's Back In Town
Jim Gannon

Gannon’s Back In Town
Mark Levine/Up 'Til Now
Mark Levine

Up ‘Til Now
Milt Matthews Inc./For The People
Milt Matthews Inc.

For The People
Pat Britt/Starrsong
Pat Britt

Sam Most/But Beautiful
Sam Most

But Beautiful
The Frank Strazzeri Quartet/Straz
The Frank Strazzeri Quartet