The Stark Reality / Acting,Thinking,Feeling -6LP+45s Box Set / Now Again


The Stark Reality / Acting,Thinking,Feeling -6LP+45s Box Set / Now Again

Now Againが送る一大リイシュー・プロジェクト。ボストンのさるテレビ局の音楽を担当するべく結成されたグループですがサウンドの方はおよそ一般向きでは ないトリップしまくりのクレイジーなファンク・サウンド!ヘヴィなファズ・ギター、エフェクト全開のヴァイブ、ソリッドなファンク・ビートを刻むリズム・ セクション、とサウンド的にはMPS時代のデイヴ・パイクをよりワイルドにした感じ。マッドリブのプロダクションに時折顔をのぞかせるヘヴィな部分と相通 じるところがあります。そんな彼らの録音を集大成した大ボリュームのボックス・セット。


1. 6 LP set of psychedelic jazz, restored and remastered from the original
2. Contains the entire Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop, the
1969 album and a bonus album of previously unreleased tracks.
3. Booklet with never before seen photos; extensive liner notes and
annotation; an interview with Monty Stark.

“The music of the Stark Reality is as playful as it is wild… as fantastic
as it is frazzled.”-Rolling Stone

-“One of the most prized ‘funk’ artifacts of all time, Stark’s project
allies Hendrix-stoned guitars, heavily-fuzzed vibraphone and Bitches
Brew rhythms…”-Mojo Magazine

Earlier this year, we announced we were preparing to present the
complete works of psychedelic jazz ensemble Stark Reality’s complete
works as a box set. Well, we’re happy to announce that both the 6LP and
3CD versions of this anthology – which we’re calling Acting, Thinking,
Feeling – are now in production.

This marks the first time that all of Stark Reality’s music will be available
on vinyl and CD. Included will be the entirety of their AJP-issued album
The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop, their out-
of-print 1969 (first issued on this label in 2003), the two sides of their
Big Yellow 7″ single, the three part song “Acting, Thinking, Feeling”
and a series of unreleased tracks discovered by Porter Records’ Luke
Mosling – issued here for the first time!

While we have yet to set a street date (we’re hoping for late 2012 or
early 2013), our loyal Now-Again Deluxe subscribers will be able to
feast their ears on this band’s impossible to categorize, yet undeniable
sound – restored and remastered from brand new master tape transfers
in two installments, starting on October 30th.

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