Apple & The Three Oranges / Free And Easy / Now Again

Now Againからのリイシュー新作。LAのインディ・ソウルです。ファンク、スウィート共にインディらしいいなたさ全開で良し。こちらで少し聴けます。3月初旬に入荷予定。


Apple & The Three Oranges / Free And Easy / Now Again NA5093 2LP

Apple and the Three Oranges

Free and Easy – The Complete Works

Edward “Apple” Nelson is best known for the small clutch of 45s he released under the Apple and The Three Oranges name on local Los Angeles labels in the 1970s. A funk (cult) hero whose name is often mentioned in the same breath as one-time label mate Arthur Monday, Nelson’s groove never made sense from a geographical standpoint. His syncopation defied Los Angeles’s steady rhythmic pulse and sounded closer to Earl Palmer’s famous “swamp beat,” which was a direct result of that session drummer’s New Orleans roots.

That’s because Nelson, recently discovered living in Lancaster, California, hails from the same city as Palmer. In 1960, Nelson left his mother and grandmother, piled his belongings into a “raggedy little Pontiac” and headed west. Living with an aunt on Los Angeles’s west side, he joined blues bands helmed by Johnny Morrisette and Johnny “Guitar” Watson and his reputation spread: by the late ’60s, he had recorded and released music with Watson and Etta James, had toured with The Whispers and Johnny Taylor and, if Nelson’s claims are to be believed, laid the rhythmic foundation for Dyke and The Blazers’ “Let A Woman Be A Woman” when Arlester “Dyke” Christian visited him in his Watts home.

Nelson first found credit as “Apple” on a Marie Franklin single released on disc jockey Douglas Moore’s Stage Music imprint. He would engage Moore to issue “Free And Easy,” the first record released as Apple and The Three Oranges. This rapid development from road hog to recording artist inspired him to found Sagittarius Records, named after his zodiac sign.

His run with Sagittarius contains six unimpeachable soul and funk numbers released under the Apple and The Three Oranges banner and one issued under his own name, Ed. (sic) Nelson. These songs, and his prior recordings, are ripe for a historical reappraisal. Monday’s manic rant relegated “What Goes Around Comes Around” to the funk freak show, but Nelson’s introductory 12 bars contain some of the most unique funk drumming ever cut to lacquer. The low fidelity of every Apple and The Three Oranges single was never a problem for the low-riding Eastside Angelenos, who lionized tracks such as “True Love Will Never Die,” but their muddy quality cast Nelson outside of the canon in which troubled soul singers like Bobby Womack have held court for decades. Nelson’s master tapes — lost in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina — will never surface to right this wrong. And the records themselves are rare: the “Love Brings Out The Best Of You,” “Curse Upon The World” and “I’ll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)” singles are amongst the most sought after and expensive Los Angeles soul and funk records to ever list at auction.

Thus, we are privileged to present Nelson’s complete works in our Free and Easy anthology. Nearly forty years after he gave up on his recording career, we’re left with little more than Nelson’s explosive music and his straight-shooting stories of his life’s arc. The fact he can’t explain his life’s contradictions are what makes the extensive interview contained in Free and Easy’s book a compelling read. Whether it’s his first hand experience with the great New Orleans drummers who laid the foundations of funk, or his relating the oft-told, and always sad, tale of lust supplanting love, Nelson offers confounding words to complement his all too beautiful soul and funk music.



Jorge Dalto / Chevere など新着中古レコード連日追加中です

Ace Spectrum/Just Like In The Moves
Ace Spectrum

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War/Why Can't We Be Friends?

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Wes Montgomery/A Day In The Life
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A Day In The Life

Mayer Hawthorne / How Do You Do (12 x 7″ Box Set)

J Dilla/Donuts7インチ・ボックスに続いて凄いの出ます。メジャー移籍してリリースされた2ndアルバムを7インチ・シングル・ボックス化!なんと12枚組。インスト・ヴァージョンも含む全24曲。2月下旬入荷予定


Mayer Hawthorne / How Do You Do (12 x 7″ Box Set)


Disc 1

  • Get To Know You
  • Get To Know You (Instrumental)

Disc 2 

  • A Long Time
  • A Long Time (Instrumental)

Disc 3 

  • Can’t Stop
  • Can’t Stop (Instrumental)

Disc 4


  • Dreaming
  • Dreaming (Instrumental)

Disc 5 

  • The Walk
  • The Walk (Instrumental)

Disc 6 

  • Finally Falling
  • Finally Falling (Instrumental)

Disc 7

  • Hooked
  • Hooked (Instrumental)

Disc 8 

  • Stick Around
  • Stick Around (Instrumental))

Disc 9 

  • The News
  • The News (Instrumental)

Disc 10

  • You Called Me
  • You Called Me (Instrumental)

Disc 11 

  • You’re Not Ready
  • You’re Not Ready (Instrumental)

Disc 12 

  • No Strings
  • No Strings (Instrumental)