Bobby Hutcherson/ObliqueなどBlue Note 180g重量盤入荷しました。

フランスHeavenly Sweetness企画のBlue Note180g 重量盤リイシュー新作6タイトル入荷しました。スピリチュアル・ジャズ、モーダル・ジャズ中心の今っぽいセレクトで人気のシリーズ!

Donald Byrd/Chant (180g)
Donald Byrd

Chant (180g)

Bobby Hutcherson/Oblique (180g)
Bobby Hutcherson

Oblique (180g)

Andrew Hill/Black Fire (180g)
Andrew Hill

Black Fire (180g)

Andrew Hill/Dance With Death (180g)
Andrew Hill

Dance With Death (180g)

Sam Rivers/Fushcia Swing Song (180g)
Sam Rivers

Fushcia Swing Song (180g)

Jackie McLean/Hipnosis (180g)
Jackie McLean

Hipnosis (180g)

Herbie Hancock/Takin' Off (180g)
Herbie Hancock

Takin’ Off (180g)

Elvin Jones/Coalition (180g)
Elvin Jones

Coalition (180g)

Horace Silver/The Cape Verdean Blues (180g)
Horace Silver

The Cape Verdean Blues (180g)

Sam Rivers/A New Conception (180g)
Sam Rivers

A New Conception (180g)

Lee Morgan/Search For The New Land (180g)
Lee Morgan

Search For The New Land (180g)

Dieuf Dieul De Thies/Aw Sa Yone Vol.1
Dieuf Dieul De Thies

Aw Sa Yone Vol.1

V.A./ Freedom Jazz France/Stella Levitt, Francois Tusques etc
V.A./ Freedom Jazz France

Stella Levitt, Francois Tusques etc

Baden Powell/A Vontade (180g)
Baden Powell

A Vontade (180g)

Bill Evans/Explorations (180g)
Bill Evans

Explorations (180g)

Roy Brooks/Black Survival
Roy Brooks

Black Survival

Eddie Russ/Fresh Out
Eddie Russ

Fresh Out

Brother Jack McDuff/Moon Rappin' (180g)
Brother Jack McDuff

Moon Rappin’ (180g)

Bobby Hutcherson/Stick-Up! (180g)
Bobby Hutcherson

Stick-Up! (180g)

Svenska Lod AB/Horselmat
Svenska Lod AB


Tino Contreras/El Jazz Mexicano De Tino Contreras -2LP
Tino Contreras

El Jazz Mexicano De Tino Contreras -2LP

Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe/Triumph!
Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe


V.A./ West Indies Funk 2/The Troubadours,The Esquires Now etc
V.A./ West Indies Funk 2

The Troubadours,The Esquires Now etc

Duke Pearson/The Phantom (180g)
Duke Pearson

The Phantom (180g)

V.A./ West Indies Funk/Syd Jones & The Troubadours etc -2LP
V.A./ West Indies Funk

Syd Jones & The Troubadours etc -2LP

Blue Mitchell/The Last Tango=Blues
Blue Mitchell

The Last Tango=Blues

The Headhunters/Survival Of The Fittest
The Headhunters

Survival Of The Fittest

Eighties Ladies/Ladies Of The 80s
Eighties Ladies

Ladies Of The 80s

Nathan Davis/If
Nathan Davis


Sun Ra/Disco 3000
Sun Ra

Disco 3000

Max Roach/Members, Don't Git Weary
Max Roach

Members, Don’t Git Weary

Shirley Scott/Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes
Shirley Scott

Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes

Fritz The Cat -OST/Charles Earland, Bernard Purdie etc
Fritz The Cat -OST

Charles Earland, Bernard Purdie etc

Art Taylor/A.T.'s Delight  (180g)
Art Taylor

A.T.’s Delight (180g)

Andrew Hill/Lift Every Voice  (180g)
Andrew Hill

Lift Every Voice (180g)

Alice Coltrane/Huntington Ashram Monastery (180g)
Alice Coltrane

Huntington Ashram Monastery (180g)

Dorothy Ashby/Hip Harp
Dorothy Ashby

Hip Harp

Dorothy Ashby/The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby
Dorothy Ashby

The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby

Gary Bartz/Music Is My Sanctuary
Gary Bartz

Music Is My Sanctuary

Johnny Lytle/The Loop
Johnny Lytle

The Loop

Johnny Pate/Bucktown -OST
Johnny Pate

Bucktown -OST

Jorge Lopez Ruiz/Bronca Buenos Aires
Jorge Lopez Ruiz

Bronca Buenos Aires

Leon Spencer/Where I’m Coming From
Leon Spencer

Where I’m Coming From

O’Donel Levy/Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
O’Donel Levy

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky

Penny Goodwin/Portrait Of A Gemini
Penny Goodwin

Portrait Of A Gemini

Roy Ayers/Change Up The Groove
Roy Ayers

Change Up The Groove

Roy Ayers/Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Roy Ayers

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band/Presents Egyptian Jazz
Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band

Presents Egyptian Jazz

Sun Ra/Sleeping Beauty
Sun Ra

Sleeping Beauty

V.A./ Jazz Bizniz 4/Independent Jazz, Soul and Pan-African Sounds -LP
V.A./ Jazz Bizniz 4

Independent Jazz, Soul and Pan-African Sounds -LP

Leo Wright/Soul Talk
Leo Wright

Soul Talk

Roy Ayers/Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers Ubiquity

Roy Ayers/Virgo Red
Roy Ayers

Virgo Red

Alice Coltrane/Journey In Satchidananda (180g)
Alice Coltrane

Journey In Satchidananda (180g)

Dennis Coffey Trio/Hair And Thangs
Dennis Coffey Trio

Hair And Thangs

Doug Hammond/Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen
Doug Hammond

Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen

Herbie Hancock/Crossings (180g)
Herbie Hancock

Crossings (180g)

Wendell Harrison/An Evening With The Devil
Wendell Harrison

An Evening With The Devil

Sun Ra/On Jupiter
Sun Ra

On Jupiter

Dave Pike/Limbo Carnival
Dave Pike

Limbo Carnival

Freddie Hubbard/Backlash
Freddie Hubbard


Bill Evans/Everybody Digs Bill Evans (180g)
Bill Evans

Everybody Digs Bill Evans (180g)

Leon Spencer/Bad Walking Woman
Leon Spencer

Bad Walking Woman

De La Soul/De La Soul Is Dead (180g)
De La Soul

De La Soul Is Dead (180g)

Art Ensemble Of Chicago/Les Stances a Sophie
Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Les Stances a Sophie

Roy Ayers/A Tear To Smile
Roy Ayers

A Tear To Smile

Kool & The Gang/Kool Jazz
Kool & The Gang

Kool Jazz

Roy Ayers/Vibrations
Roy Ayers


Roy Ayers/Center Of The World
Roy Ayers

Center Of The World

Chivo Borraro/El Cuarteto Del Chivo Borraro en vivo
Chivo Borraro

El Cuarteto Del Chivo Borraro en vivo

Leon Thomas/Spirits Known And Unknown
Leon Thomas

Spirits Known And Unknown

Lonnie Liston Smith/Astral Traveling
Lonnie Liston Smith

Astral Traveling

Baby Face Willette/Mo' Rock
Baby Face Willette

Mo’ Rock

Doug Carn/Infant Eyes
Doug Carn

Infant Eyes

Tyron Washington/Roots
Tyron Washington


Hugh Brodie/And The Real Thing
Hugh Brodie

And The Real Thing