Helen Merrill With Clifford Brownなどモダン・ジャズ重量盤多数入荷しました

Barney Willen/Barney Willen Quintet (180g)
Barney Willen

Barney Willen Quintet (180g)
John Coltrane & Kenny Burrell/John Coltrane & Kenny Burrell (180g)
John Coltrane & Kenny Burrell

John Coltrane & Kenny Burrell (180g)
Julie London/Sings Latin In A Satin Mood (180g)
Julie London

Sings Latin In A Satin Mood (180g)
Duke Pearson/Hush! (180g)
Duke Pearson

Hush! (180g)
Hank Mobley/Workout (180g)
Hank Mobley

Workout (180g)
The Jazz Couriers/In Concert (180g)
The Jazz Couriers

In Concert (180g)
Nina Simone/Silk & Soul (180g)
Nina Simone

Silk & Soul (180g)
Nina Simone/Pastel Blues (180g)
Nina Simone

Pastel Blues (180g)
Paul Desmond/Take Ten (180g)
Paul Desmond

Take Ten (180g)
Miles Davis/Porgy And Bess -The MONO Edition (180g)
Miles Davis

Porgy And Bess -The MONO Edition (180g)
Miles Davis/On The Corner (180g)
Miles Davis

On The Corner (180g)
Miles Davis/Milestones -The MONO Edition(180g)
Miles Davis

Milestones -The MONO Edition(180g)
Miles Davis/Miles Ahead -The MONO Edition (180g)
Miles Davis

Miles Ahead -The MONO Edition (180g)
Miles Davis/In A Silent Way (180g)
Miles Davis

In A Silent Way (180g)
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew Live (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis

Bitches Brew Live (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis/Bitches Brew (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis

Bitches Brew (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis/Ascenseur pour Lechafaud (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis

Ascenseur pour Lechafaud (180g) -2LP
Dave Brubeck/Time Out (180g)
Dave Brubeck

Time Out (180g)
Donald Byrd/Chant (180g)
Donald Byrd

Chant (180g)
Bobby Hutcherson/Oblique (180g)
Bobby Hutcherson

Oblique (180g)
Andrew Hill/Black Fire (180g)
Andrew Hill

Black Fire (180g)
Andrew Hill/Dance With Death (180g)
Andrew Hill

Dance With Death (180g)
Sam Rivers/Fushcia Swing Song (180g)
Sam Rivers

Fushcia Swing Song (180g)
Jackie McLean/Hipnosis (180g)
Jackie McLean

Hipnosis (180g)
Larry Nozero/Time (180g) -2LP
Larry Nozero

Time (180g) -2LP
Anita O'day/Trav'lin' Light (180g)
Anita O’day

Trav’lin’ Light (180g)
Art Blakey/Jazz Messengers!!!! (180g)
Art Blakey

Jazz Messengers!!!! (180g)
Bill Evans / Jim Hall/Undercurrent (180g)
Bill Evans / Jim Hall

Undercurrent (180g)
Bill Evans/Moon Beams (180g)
Bill Evans

Moon Beams (180g)
Tommy Flanagan/Overseas (180g)
Tommy Flanagan

Overseas (180g)
Billie Holiday/Songs For Distingue Lovers (180g)
Billie Holiday

Songs For Distingue Lovers (180g)
Billie Holiday/All Or Nothing At All (180g)
Billie Holiday

All Or Nothing At All (180g)
Herbie Hancock/Takin' Off (180g)
Herbie Hancock

Takin’ Off (180g)
Elvin Jones/Coalition (180g)
Elvin Jones

Coalition (180g)
Bill Evans & Bob Brookmeyer/The Ivory Hunters (180g)
Bill Evans & Bob Brookmeyer

The Ivory Hunters (180g)
Nat King Cole/After Midnight (180g)
Nat King Cole

After Midnight (180g)
Bill Evans/Sunday At The Village Vanguard (180g)
Bill Evans

Sunday At The Village Vanguard (180g)
Charlie Parker/Jazz At Massey Hall (180g)
Charlie Parker

Jazz At Massey Hall (180g)
Sam Rivers/A New Conception (180g)
Sam Rivers

A New Conception (180g)
Lee Morgan/Search For The New Land (180g)
Lee Morgan

Search For The New Land (180g)
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers/Moanin' (180g)
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers

Moanin’ (180g)
Bill Evans/Explorations (180g)
Bill Evans

Explorations (180g)
Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet/Study In Brown (180g)
Clifford Brown – Max Roach Quintet

Study In Brown (180g)
Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet/At Basin Street (180g)
Clifford Brown – Max Roach Quintet

At Basin Street (180g)
Roland Kirk/We Free Kings (180g)
Roland Kirk

We Free Kings (180g)
Marty Paich/The Broadway Bit (180g)
Marty Paich

The Broadway Bit (180g)
John Coltrane & Don Cherry/The Avant-Garde (180g)
John Coltrane & Don Cherry

The Avant-Garde (180g)
Wes Montgomery/So Much Guitar! (180g)
Wes Montgomery

So Much Guitar! (180g)
Wes Montgomery/Groove Yard (180g)
Wes Montgomery

Groove Yard (180g)
The Red Garland Quintet with John Coltrane/Dig it! (180g)
The Red Garland Quintet with John Coltrane

Dig it! (180g)
Eric Dolphy/Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Volume 1  (180g)
Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Volume 1 (180g)
Marty Paich/I Get a Boot Out of You (180g)
Marty Paich

I Get a Boot Out of You (180g)
Miles Davis/Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall (180g)
Miles Davis

Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall (180g)
Cannonball Adderley/Somethin’ Else (180g)
Cannonball Adderley

Somethin’ Else (180g)
Miles Davis/Sketches Of Spain -The MONO Edition (180g)
Miles Davis

Sketches Of Spain -The MONO Edition (180g)
Sun Ra/Jazz In Silhouette (180g)
Sun Ra

Jazz In Silhouette (180g)
Brother Jack McDuff/Moon Rappin' (180g)
Brother Jack McDuff

Moon Rappin’ (180g)
Freddie Hubbard/Groovy! (180g)
Freddie Hubbard

Groovy! (180g)
Helen Merrill/Helen Merrill With Clifford Brown (180g)
Helen Merrill

Helen Merrill With Clifford Brown (180g)
Sun Ra/The Soul Vibrations Of Man (180g)
Sun Ra

The Soul Vibrations Of Man (180g)
Sonny Rollins/Saxphone Colossus (180g)
Sonny Rollins

Saxphone Colossus (180g)
Miles Davis/Kind Of Blue -180g Audiophile Vinyl
Miles Davis

Kind Of Blue -180g Audiophile Vinyl
Milt Jackson/Plenty, Plenty Soul (180g)
Milt Jackson

Plenty, Plenty Soul (180g)
Miles Davis/The Musings Of Miles (180g)
Miles Davis

The Musings Of Miles (180g)
John Coltrane/Black Pearls (180g)
John Coltrane

Black Pearls (180g)
John Coltrane/Standard Coltrane (180g)
John Coltrane

Standard Coltrane (180g)
John Coltrane/Blue Train (180g)
John Coltrane

Blue Train (180g)
Stan Getz/West Coast Jazz (180g)
Stan Getz

West Coast Jazz (180g)
John Coltrane/Traneing In (180g)
John Coltrane

Traneing In (180g)
John Coltrane/Coltrane (180g)
John Coltrane

Coltrane (180g)
Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet/Brown And Roach incorporated (180g)
Clifford Brown – Max Roach Quintet

Brown And Roach incorporated (180g)
Chet Baker/Sextet & Quartet (180g)
Chet Baker

Sextet & Quartet (180g)
Bill Evans/Portrait In Jazz (180g)
Bill Evans

Portrait In Jazz (180g)
Sonny Rollins/Tenor Madness (180g)
Sonny Rollins

Tenor Madness (180g)
Miles Davis/Kind Of Blue (180g) -2LP
Miles Davis

Kind Of Blue (180g) -2LP
John Coltrane/Lush Life (180g)
John Coltrane

Lush Life (180g)
Bill Evans/New Jazz Conceptions (180g)
Bill Evans

New Jazz Conceptions (180g)
Miles Davis/Cookin' (180g)
Miles Davis

Cookin’ (180g)
Miles Davis/Steamin' (180g)
Miles Davis

Steamin’ (180g)
Miles Davis/Workin' (180g)
Miles Davis

Workin’ (180g)
Miles Davis/Birth Of The Cool (180g)
Miles Davis

Birth Of The Cool (180g)
Miles Davis/Milestones (180g)
Miles Davis

Milestones (180g)
Miles Davis/'Round About Midnight (180g)
Miles Davis

‘Round About Midnight (180g)
Lee Morgan/Expoobident (180g)
Lee Morgan

Expoobident (180g)
Lee Konitz/The Real Lee Konitz (180g)
Lee Konitz

The Real Lee Konitz (180g)
Art Taylor/A.T.'s Delight  (180g)
Art Taylor

A.T.’s Delight (180g)
Andrew Hill/Lift Every Voice  (180g)
Andrew Hill

Lift Every Voice (180g)
Max Roach/Percussion Bitter Sweet (180g)
Max Roach

Percussion Bitter Sweet (180g)
Quartetto Gianni Basso/Quartetto Gianni Basso (180g)
Quartetto Gianni Basso

Quartetto Gianni Basso (180g)
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland/Jazz Is Universal (180g)
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland

Jazz Is Universal (180g)
Archie Shepp/Attica Blues (180g)
Archie Shepp

Attica Blues (180g)
Alice Coltrane/Huntington Ashram Monastery (180g)
Alice Coltrane

Huntington Ashram Monastery (180g)
Elvin Jones / Jimmy Garrison/Illumination (180g)
Elvin Jones / Jimmy Garrison

Illumination (180g)
Carl Drevo / Clarke Boland Big Band/Swing Waltz Swing (180g)
Carl Drevo / Clarke Boland Big Band

Swing Waltz Swing (180g)
John Coltrane/Ole (180g)
John Coltrane

Ole (180g)
Warne Marsh/Warne Marsh (180g)
Warne Marsh

Warne Marsh (180g)
Dave Bailey Quintet/2 Feet In THe Gutter (180g)
Dave Bailey Quintet

2 Feet In THe Gutter (180g)
Tubby Hayes/Introducing Tubbs (180g)
Tubby Hayes

Introducing Tubbs (180g)
Sun Ra/Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow (180g)
Sun Ra

Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow (180g)
Sun Ra/The Night Of The Purple Moon  (180g)
Sun Ra

The Night Of The Purple Moon (180g)
Herbie Hancock/Crossings (180g)
Herbie Hancock

Crossings (180g)
Bill Evans/Everybody Digs Bill Evans (180g)
Bill Evans

Everybody Digs Bill Evans (180g)
John Coltrane/Ballads (180g)
John Coltrane

Ballads (180g)
Ornette Coleman/The Shape Of Jazz To Come (180g)
Ornette Coleman

The Shape Of Jazz To Come (180g)
Bud Powell/Swingin' With Bud (180g)
Bud Powell

Swingin’ With Bud (180g)
Serge Chaloff/Blue Serge (180g)
Serge Chaloff

Blue Serge (180g)
Tony Fruscella/Tony Fruscella (180g)
Tony Fruscella

Tony Fruscella (180g)
John Coltrane/Coltrane (180g)
John Coltrane

Coltrane (180g)
John Coltrane/John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (180g)
John Coltrane

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (180g)
Dave Bailey Sextet/Gettin' Into Somethin' (180g)
Dave Bailey Sextet

Gettin’ Into Somethin’ (180g)

Iron Leg : The Complete Mickey & the Soul Generation -3LP Numero/CaliTex




Erupting at the same time, but at a different studio, was the mixed instrumental combo Mickey & the Soul Generation. Best known for their 1969 paper hit “Iron Leg,” the group came to semi-national attention following Nipsey Russell’s performance of the Iron Leg dance on Johnny Carson. Though they shared a label with Ben E. King, they lacked access to the same promotion and marketing resources. A tour with Sam & Dave and opening slots for James Brown, Kool & the Gang, and The Supremes found them performing for thousands nightly, but still sleeping on floors. By the mid-’70s the group had fractured, with members joining the army, bottling Coke, and starting families. Their run would end in 1977 with two members turning in a passing Average White Band impression called “Southern Fired Funk” before their handful of 45s fell completely out of vogue and made their journey to thrift shops and cut-out distributors.

At the dawn of the century, Josh Davis (AKA DJ Shadow) tracked Mickey and his Soul Generation down for the purpose of reissuing their recordings on his upstart Cali-Tex label. “Mickey and the Soul Generation are my favorite funk band,” Davis wrote in 2002. “They were strong contenders for the title from my very first listen back in ’92. ‘Iron Leg’ being the standout track on an otherwise flaccid jazz-funk compilation of the day. Already a favorite rare-groove selection in the ever-accepting UK club scene, I too found myself buoying my bedroom DJ sets with snatches of the irresistible Soul Generation Sound. It became an instant priority of mine to locate an original.” That 2003 reissue was met with critical praise, and ultimately turned a new generation of music lovers onto rare funk and soul. Numero has gone back to the scene of the crime and re-canvased for new leads, helping Davis expand on his original work, with updated liner notes, tons of newly discovered photos, and a previously unreleased track.

1. Iron Leg
2. Football
3. Up The Stairs And Around The Bend
4. Give Everybody Some
5. Joint Session

1. The Whatzit
2. Get Down Brother
3. Mystery Girl
4. Message From A Black Man
5. Chocolate

1. How Good Is Good
2. We Got To Make A Change
3. Soulful Sickness
4. U.F.O
5. Hey, Brother Man Carter

1. Southern Fried Funk (1st Movement)
2. Southern Fried Funk (2nd Movement)
3. Hey, Brother Man (Pams Demo)
4. U.F.O (Pams Demo)
5. Listen (To The Cry Of The People)

1. The Get Down (Live)
2. Working On Your Love (Live)
3. Help (I Need Your Love (Live)
4. Why You Wanna Leave Me (Live)
1. Life’s A Mystery (Live)

1. Life’s A Mystery (Live)
2. Hey, Brother Man (Live)

Sun Ra/The Nubians Of Plutoniaなど新着レコード追加中です

William Hooker/Is Eternal Life
William Hooker

Is Eternal Life
Tom Browne/Love Approach
Tom Browne

Love Approach
The Universal Jazz Sympohnette/Sound Craft ‘75
The Universal Jazz Sympohnette

Sound Craft ‘75
The Lounge Lizards/Live In Tokyo Big Heart
The Lounge Lizards

Live In Tokyo Big Heart
The Jacksons/The Jacksons
The Jacksons

The Jacksons
The Famous Castle Jazz Band/The Five Pennies
The Famous Castle Jazz Band

The Five Pennies
The Crusaders/Those Southern Knights
The Crusaders

Those Southern Knights
The Bossa Tres/The Bossa Tres
The Bossa Tres

The Bossa Tres
The 3 Sounds/Vibration
The 3 Sounds

The 3 Sounds/Live At The Lighthouse
The 3 Sounds

Live At The Lighthouse
Sun Ra/The Nubians Of Plutonia
Sun Ra

The Nubians Of Plutonia
Stan Getz Quartet/Getz Au Go Go
Stan Getz Quartet

Getz Au Go Go
Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto/Getz/Gilberto
Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto

Sonny Rollins/What's New
Sonny Rollins

What’s New
Roy Ayers / Wayne Henderson/Prime Time
Roy Ayers / Wayne Henderson

Prime Time
Roy Ayers/Center Of The World
Roy Ayers

Center Of The World
Roy Ayers/Stoned Soul Picnic
Roy Ayers

Stoned Soul Picnic
Ronnie Foster/Love Satellite
Ronnie Foster

Love Satellite
Reuben Wilson/On Broadway
Reuben Wilson

On Broadway
Rene Netto/L.S.I. Presents The Sound Of Rene Netto
Rene Netto

L.S.I. Presents The Sound Of Rene Netto
Ramsey Lewis/Don't It Feel Good
Ramsey Lewis

Don’t It Feel Good
Ramsey Lewis/The Piano Player
Ramsey Lewis

The Piano Player
Quincy Jones/The Great World Of Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones

The Great World Of Quincy Jones
Paul Horn/Cycle
Paul Horn

Paul Horn/Jazz Suite On The Mass Texts
Paul Horn

Jazz Suite On The Mass Texts
Patrice Rushen/Straight From The Heart
Patrice Rushen

Straight From The Heart
Pat Metheny Group/American Garage
Pat Metheny Group

American Garage
Pat Metheny Group/Offramp
Pat Metheny Group

Ornett Coleman/Ornette At 12
Ornett Coleman

Ornette At 12
Ojeda Penn/Happiness
Ojeda Penn

Montego Joe/Wild & Warm
Montego Joe

Wild & Warm
Milton Nasciment/Ao Vivo
Milton Nasciment

Ao Vivo
Milt Jackson/Jazz 'N' Samba
Milt Jackson

Jazz ‘N’ Samba
Miles Davis/Sketches Of Spain
Miles Davis

Sketches Of Spain
Miles Davis/Quiet Nights
Miles Davis

Quiet Nights
Mickey Tucker/Mister Mysterious
Mickey Tucker

Mister Mysterious
Michal Urbaniak/Ecstasy
Michal Urbaniak

Michael Urbaniak/Fusion III
Michael Urbaniak

Fusion III
McCoy Tyner/Trident
McCoy Tyner

Martin Denny/Quiet Village
Martin Denny

Quiet Village
Les McCann/Music Lets Me Be
Les McCann

Music Lets Me Be
Kashavan Maslak Quartet/Big Time
Kashavan Maslak Quartet

Big Time
Joni Mitchell/Ladies Of The Canyon
Joni Mitchell

Ladies Of The Canyon
Johnny Hammond Smith/Here It 'Tis
Johnny Hammond Smith

Here It ‘Tis
John Patton/Accent On The Blues
John Patton

Accent On The Blues
John Coltrane/Coltrane Time
John Coltrane

Coltrane Time
Joe Lee Wilson/Secrets From The Sun
Joe Lee Wilson

Secrets From The Sun
Jimmy Smith/Bucket
Jimmy Smith

Jimmy McGriff/A Bag Full Of Blues
Jimmy McGriff

A Bag Full Of Blues
Jimmy McGriff/Let's Stay Together
Jimmy McGriff

Let’s Stay Together
Jeremy Steig/This Is Jeremy Steig
Jeremy Steig

This Is Jeremy Steig
James Taylor And The Original Flying Machine/James Taylor And The Original Flying Machine -1967
James Taylor And The Original Flying Machine

James Taylor And The Original Flying Machine -1967

Hubert Laws/The Laws Of Jazz
Hubert Laws

The Laws Of Jazz
Houston Person/Goodness
Houston Person

Herbie Mann/Big Band Mann
Herbie Mann

Big Band Mann
Herbie Mann/Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues
Herbie Mann

Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues
Herbie Hancock/Thrust
Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock/Fat Albert Rotunda
Herbie Hancock

Fat Albert Rotunda
Henry Butler/The Village
Henry Butler

The Village
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes/To Be True
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

To Be True
Harold Alexander/Are You Ready?
Harold Alexander

Are You Ready?
Hannibal/Hannibal In Antibes

Hannibal In Antibes
Gloria Coleman Quartet/Soul Sisters
Gloria Coleman Quartet

Soul Sisters
George Russell/123456extet
George Russell

George Duke/Liberated Fantasies
George Duke

Liberated Fantasies
George Benson/Bad Benson
George Benson

Bad Benson
Gato Barbieri/Caliente!
Gato Barbieri

Freddie Hubbard/Splash
Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard/Echoes Of Blue
Freddie Hubbard

Echoes Of Blue
Freddie Hubbard/Keytone Bop
Freddie Hubbard

Keytone Bop
Freddie Hubbard/Polar AC
Freddie Hubbard

Polar AC
Eddie Henderson/Runnin' To Your Love
Eddie Henderson

Runnin’ To Your Love
Eddie Harris/Playin' With Myself
Eddie Harris

Playin’ With Myself
Eddie Harris/The Tender Storm
Eddie Harris

The Tender Storm
Eddie Harris/High Voltage
Eddie Harris

High Voltage
Donald Byrd/Places And Spaces
Donald Byrd

Places And Spaces
Don Thompson/Country Place
Don Thompson

Country Place
Don Cherry/Eternal Rhythm
Don Cherry

Eternal Rhythm

David Matthews/Dune
David Matthews

Cozy Cole And His Orchestra/Drum Beat For Dancing Feet
Cozy Cole And His Orchestra

Drum Beat For Dancing Feet
Charlie Parker/The Bird On Savoy Part 1
Charlie Parker

The Bird On Savoy Part 1
Charles Earland/Black Drops
Charles Earland

Black Drops
Charles Earland/Kharma
Charles Earland

Charles Earland/Mama Roots
Charles Earland

Mama Roots
Cal Tjader/Cal Tjader Quartet
Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader Quartet
Cal Tjader/The Contemporary Music Of Mexico And Brazil
Cal Tjader

The Contemporary Music Of Mexico And Brazil
Cal Tjader/Concert On The Campus
Cal Tjader

Concert On The Campus
Cal Tjader/West Side Story
Cal Tjader

West Side Story
Cal Tjader/Soul Bird: Whiffenpoof
Cal Tjader

Soul Bird: Whiffenpoof
Cal Tjader/Concert By The Sea
Cal Tjader

Concert By The Sea
Cal Tjader/Puttin' It Together
Cal Tjader

Puttin’ It Together
Bobby Caldwell/Bobby Caldwell
Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell
Blue Mitchell/Bantu Village
Blue Mitchell

Bantu Village
Billy Cobham/Crosswinds
Billy Cobham

Bill Withers/Menagerie
Bill Withers

Bill Evans/The Bill Evans Album / Living Time
Bill Evans

The Bill Evans Album / Living Time
Astrud Gilberto/Gilbero With Turrentine
Astrud Gilberto

Gilbero With Turrentine
Ahmad Jamal/Happy Moods
Ahmad Jamal

Happy Moods
Tyron Thomas & The Whole Darn Family/Fly Away Love Bird -7
Tyron Thomas & The Whole Darn Family

Fly Away Love Bird -7
The Dee Felice Trio/There Was A Time -7
The Dee Felice Trio

There Was A Time -7
Monk Higgins/The Look Of Love -7
Monk Higgins

The Look Of Love -7
Machito & His Orchestra/Juanito -7
Machito & His Orchestra

Juanito -7
Lee Fields/Everybody Gonna Give There Thing Away To Somebody (Sometime) -7
Lee Fields

Everybody Gonna Give There Thing Away To Somebody (Sometime) -7
James Brown/Bring It Up -7
James Brown

Bring It Up -7
Dennis Edwards/Coolin' Out -7
Dennis Edwards

Coolin’ Out -7
Astor Piazzolla/Lullaby Of Birdland -7
Astor Piazzolla

Lullaby Of Birdland -7
Al Green/Sha La La (Make Me Happy) -7
Al Green

Sha La La (Make Me Happy) -7