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Weldon Irvine/Young Gifted And Broke -CD+DVDWeldon IrvineDBruce Lewis/I And The Village -CD
Bruce Lewis

I And The Village -CD
Earl Carter And The Fantastic 6/Make It With You -CD
Earl Carter And The Fantastic 6

Make It With You -CD
Steve Grossman/Some Shapes To Come -CD
Steve Grossman

Some Shapes To Come -CD
Oneness Of Ju Ju/Space Jungle Luv -CD
Oneness Of Ju Ju

Space Jungle Luv -CD
Bobby Forrester/Organist -CD
Bobby Forrester

Organist -CD
The Chapparrals/Shake Your Head -CD
The Chapparrals

Shake Your Head -CD
Leon Debouse/A Fine Instrument -CD
Leon Debouse

A Fine Instrument -CD
The London Experimental Jazz Quartet/Invisible Roots -CD
The London Experimental Jazz Quartet

Invisible Roots -CD
Coalition/Birth -CD

Birth -CD
Hilton Felton/Family And Friends -CD
Hilton Felton

Family And Friends -CD
The Three Of Us/Dream Come True -CD
The Three Of Us

Dream Come True -CD
Marvin Holmes And The Rush/Marvin Holmes And The Rush Experience -CD
Marvin Holmes And The Rush

Marvin Holmes And The Rush Experience -CD
Marvin Holmes/It's About Time -CD
Marvin Holmes

It’s About Time -CD
V.A./ The Brown Door Story/Marvin Holmes etc -CD
V.A./ The Brown Door Story

Marvin Holmes etc -CD
Marvin Holmes And Justice/Honor Thy Father -CD
Marvin Holmes And Justice

Honor Thy Father -CD
Francisco Mora/Mora! -CD
Francisco Mora

Mora! -CD
Steve Parks/Movin' In The Right Direction -CD
Steve Parks

Movin’ In The Right Direction -CD
Stone Alliance/Stone Alliance -CD
Stone Alliance

Stone Alliance -CD
Marvin Holmes And Justice/Summer Of '73 -CD
Marvin Holmes And Justice

Summer Of ’73 -CD
Weldon Irvine/Weldon & The Kats -CD
Weldon Irvine

Weldon & The Kats -CD
Al Williams Quintet Plus One/Sandance -CD
Al Williams Quintet Plus One

Sandance -CD
Weldon Irvine/In Harmony -CD
Weldon Irvine

In Harmony -CD
Steve Grossman/Terra Firma -CD
Steve Grossman

Terra Firma -CD
Nina Simone/A Very Rare Evening -CD
Nina Simone

A Very Rare Evening -CD
Sonny Fortune/Long Before Our Mothers Cried -CD
Sonny Fortune

Long Before Our Mothers Cried -CD
Sir Joe Quaterman & Free Soul/Sir Joe Quaterman & Free Soul -CD
Sir Joe Quaterman & Free Soul

Sir Joe Quaterman & Free Soul -CD
Carl Sherlock Holmes/Investigation No.1 -CD
Carl Sherlock Holmes

Investigation No.1 -CD
Hilton Felton/A Man For All Reasons -CD
Hilton Felton

A Man For All Reasons -CD
Ju Ju/Chapter Two: NIA -CD
Ju Ju

Chapter Two: NIA -CD
James Mason/Rhythm Of Life -CD
James Mason

Rhythm Of Life -CD
Oneness Of Ju Ju/African Rhythms -CD
Oneness Of Ju Ju

African Rhythms -CD
George Freeman/Franticdiagnosis -CD
George Freeman

Franticdiagnosis -CD
The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas/Agony And Extasy -CD
The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas

Agony And Extasy -CD
Pharaohs/Awakening -CD

Awakening -CD
Courtial With Errol Knowles/Don't You Think It's Time -CD
Courtial With Errol Knowles

Don’t You Think It’s Time -CD
Edwin Birdsong/Dance Of Survival -CD
Edwin Birdsong

Dance Of Survival -CD
V.A./ The Sound of T.K. Disco/12" Choice For Boogie Generation -2CD
V.A./ The Sound of T.K. Disco

12″ Choice For Boogie Generation -2CD
Muriel Winston/A Fresh Viewpoint -CD
Muriel Winston

A Fresh Viewpoint -CD
V.A./ Kickin 6/TK Miami Funk Mix -CD
V.A./ Kickin 6

TK Miami Funk Mix -CD