Prince Buster 45sリイシュー 3タイトル入荷してます

Yellow Magic Orchestra/Multiplies -10
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Multiplies -10
Prince Buster/I Won't Let You Cry / I'm Sorry -7
Prince Buster

I Won’t Let You Cry / I’m Sorry -7
Prince Buster/Islam / Sudden Attack -7
Prince Buster

Islam / Sudden Attack -7
Roland Alphonso/Roll On Charles Street / Raining OUtside -7
Roland Alphonso

Roll On Charles Street / Raining OUtside -7
Rhoda Scott/Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rhoda Scott

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hal Galper/Inner Journey
Hal Galper

Inner Journey
Junior Reid/Boom Shack A Lack
Junior Reid

Boom Shack A Lack
Big Youth/Dread Locks Dread
Big Youth

Dread Locks Dread
V.A./ From The Grass Roots Of Jamaica/Mento, Kumina etc
V.A./ From The Grass Roots Of Jamaica

Mento, Kumina etc
V.A./ Money Maker/Im And David, Jackie Mittoo etc
V.A./ Money Maker

Im And David, Jackie Mittoo etc
Mighty Diamonds/Ebony And Ivory
Mighty Diamonds

Ebony And Ivory
Prince Jammy/Prince Jammy Presents Barry Brown Showcase
Prince Jammy

Prince Jammy Presents Barry Brown Showcase
Anthony Red Rose/Red Rose Will Make You Dance
Anthony Red Rose

Red Rose Will Make You Dance
Revolutionaries/Revolutionaries Sounds Vol 2

Revolutionaries Sounds Vol 2
McCoy Tyner/Plays Ellington
McCoy Tyner

Plays Ellington
Little Willie John/Mister Little Willie John
Little Willie John

Mister Little Willie John
Toots & The Maytals/Pass The Pipe
Toots & The Maytals

Pass The Pipe
Yumi Matsutoya/水の中のASIAへ
Yumi Matsutoya

Yumi Matsutoya/Pearl Pierce
Yumi Matsutoya

Pearl Pierce
Miles Davis/Quiet Nights
Miles Davis

Quiet Nights
Black Uhuru/Sinsemilla
Black Uhuru

Environments/disc 4

disc 4
Yumi Arai & Yumi Matsutouya/Album
Yumi Arai & Yumi Matsutouya

Sonny Clark/Dial S For Sonny
Sonny Clark

Dial S For Sonny
King Tubby/Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise
King Tubby

Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise
Sun Ra/Pictures Of Infinity
Sun Ra

Pictures Of Infinity
Yumi Arai/Yuming Brand
Yumi Arai

Yuming Brand
Yumi Matsutoya/悲しいほどお天気
Yumi Matsutoya

Yumi Matsutoya/流線形 '80
Yumi Matsutoya

流線形 ’80
Yumi Arai/The 14th Moon
Yumi Arai

The 14th Moon
Yumi Arai/Cobalt Hour
Yumi Arai

Cobalt Hour
Parliament/Chocolate City

Chocolate City
Yellow Magic Orchestra/Public Pressure
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Public Pressure
Snakeman Show/急いで口で吸え
Snakeman Show

Yellow Magic Orchestra/BGM
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Yellow Magic Orchestra/Solid State Survivor
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Solid State Survivor
Loleatta Holloway/Loleatta Holloway - Promo 2LP
Loleatta Holloway

Loleatta Holloway – Promo 2LP
Yellow Magic Orchestra/Multiplies
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Little Feat/The Last Record Album
Little Feat

The Last Record Album
Georgie Fame/The Third Face Of Fame
Georgie Fame

The Third Face Of Fame
Kenny Drew/Undercurrent
Kenny Drew

Freda Payne/Contact
Freda Payne

Cybill Shepherd/Mad About The Boy
Cybill Shepherd

Mad About The Boy
Loleatta Holloway/Love Sensation
Loleatta Holloway

Love Sensation
Jack Costanzo/Bongo Fever
Jack Costanzo

Bongo Fever
Thad Jones/The Magnificent Thad Jones
Thad Jones

The Magnificent Thad Jones
Linda Ronstadt/Lush Life
Linda Ronstadt

Lush Life
Pat Metheny/Offramp
Pat Metheny

Cold Blood/Thriller!
Cold Blood

Della Reese/Cha Cha Cha
Della Reese

Cha Cha Cha

Dennis Coffey/Goin' For Myself
Dennis Coffey

Goin’ For Myself
Pat Metheny/Still Life (Talking)
Pat Metheny

Still Life (Talking)
Leroy Hutson/Leroy Hutson (1975)
Leroy Hutson

Leroy Hutson (1975)
The Wild Magnolias/The Wild Magnolias
The Wild Magnolias

The Wild Magnolias
Prince/Dirty Mind

Dirty Mind
Sergio Mendes/Herb Alpert Presents
Sergio Mendes

Herb Alpert Presents
Michael Longo/900 Shares Of The Blues
Michael Longo

900 Shares Of The Blues
Stevie Wonder/Innervisions
Stevie Wonder

Art Blakey/A Night At Birdland Volume 2
Art Blakey

A Night At Birdland Volume 2
Eddie Harris/Come On Down!
Eddie Harris

Come On Down!
Herbie Hancock/Death Wish -OST
Herbie Hancock

Death Wish -OST
DeBarge/In A Special Way

In A Special Way
Johnny Hammond Smith/What's Going On
Johnny Hammond Smith

What’s Going On
Freddie Hubbard/Born To Be Blue
Freddie Hubbard

Born To Be Blue
Milt Jackson/Soul Believer
Milt Jackson

Soul Believer
Quarteto Em Cy/Em Cy Maior
Quarteto Em Cy

Em Cy Maior
Jimmy McGriff/I’ve Got A Woman
Jimmy McGriff

I’ve Got A Woman
Prince Buster/Roll On Charles Street -2LP
Prince Buster

Roll On Charles Street -2LP
Bob Dylan/Shot Of Love
Bob Dylan

Shot Of Love
Crosby,Stills & Nash/Crosby,Stills & Nash (1969)
Crosby,Stills & Nash

Crosby,Stills & Nash (1969)
Prince Buster/Let's Go To The Dance -2LP
Prince Buster

Let’s Go To The Dance -2LP
Zoot Sims/New Beat Bossa Nova
Zoot Sims

New Beat Bossa Nova
Lee Perry/Time Boom X De Devil Dead
Lee Perry

Time Boom X De Devil Dead
Bobby Hutcherson/Ambos Mundos
Bobby Hutcherson

Ambos Mundos
The Young Rascals/Groovin'
The Young Rascals

Pat Metheny/Watercolors
Pat Metheny

Ohio Players/Contradiction
Ohio Players

Monk Higgins/Heavyweight
Monk Higgins

Sergio Mendes/Pais Tropical
Sergio Mendes

Pais Tropical
O'donel Levy/Windows
O’donel Levy

Bobby Hutcherson/Highway One
Bobby Hutcherson

Highway One
Bootsy Collins/Bootsy? Player Of The Year
Bootsy Collins

Bootsy? Player Of The Year
Los Brasilios/Brasilian Beat '67
Los Brasilios

Brasilian Beat ’67
Gary McFarland/Today
Gary McFarland

George Benson/Bad Benson
George Benson

Bad Benson
The 5th Dimension/Love's Lines Angles And Rhymes
The 5th Dimension

Love’s Lines Angles And Rhymes
Ramsey Lewis/The Piano Player
Ramsey Lewis

The Piano Player
Jimmy McGriff/The Mean Machine
Jimmy McGriff

The Mean Machine
Bobby Hutcherson/Farewell Keyatone
Bobby Hutcherson

Farewell Keyatone
Sly & The Family Stone/Back On The Right Track
Sly & The Family Stone

Back On The Right Track
Melissa Manchester/Singin'
Melissa Manchester

Jimmy Smith/Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
Jimmy Smith

Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
Archie Shepp/Kwanza
Archie Shepp

Lee Perry/Reggae Greats
Lee Perry

Reggae Greats
The 5th Dimension/Portrait
The 5th Dimension

Mongo Santamaria/Hey! Let's Party
Mongo Santamaria

Hey! Let’s Party
Jimmy Smith/Hobo Flats
Jimmy Smith

Hobo Flats
Bill Evans/Bill Evans At Town Hall Volume One
Bill Evans

Bill Evans At Town Hall Volume One
V.A./ Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archive/Sofheso, New Manuke, YPY etc
V.A./ Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archive

Sofheso, New Manuke, YPY etc

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