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UK SOUL JAZZ RECORDSの当たり企画『NEW ORLEANS FUNK』が第三集まで揃いました。3タイトル合わせてアナログ盤8枚・67曲ものクラシック・チューンを総ざらいした決定版。なによりうれしいのはオリジナル・シングルの音圧レベルを目指したというファットな音質。これは是非ともアナログ盤でどうぞ。


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1.The Explosions/Hip Drop

2.Aaron Neville/Hercules

3.Bo Dollis&The Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indian Band/Handa Wanda

4.The Meters/Handclapping Song


1.Eddie Bo/Check Your Bucket

2.Professor Longhair/Big Chief

3.Cyril Neville/Tell Me What’s On Your Mind

4.Lee Dorsey And Betty Harris/Love Lots Of Lovin


1.Mary Jane Hooper/I’ve Got Reasons

2.Lee Dorsey/Who’s Gonna Help BrotherGetFurther

3.Huey ‘Piano’Smith&His Clowns/ Free . Single And Disengager

4.Eddie Bo/Hook ‘N’ Sling


1.The Gaturs/Gator Bait

2.Danny White/Natural Soul Brother

3.Ernie K Doe/Here Come The Girls

4.DrJohn/Mama Roux


1.Allen Toussaint/Get Out Of My Life Woman

2.The Explosions/Garden Of Four Trees

3.Robert Parker/Hip-Huggin

4.Chuck Carbo/Can I Be Your Squeeze


1.Gentleman June Gardner/It’s Gonna Rain

2.Marilyn Barbarin/Reborn

3.The Meters/Just Kissed My Baby

4.Sonny Jones/Sissy Walk



1. Cyril Neville / Gossip

2. Eddie Bo / If It’s Good To You

3. Ray J / Right Place Wrong Time

4. The Meters / Chicken Strut


1. Allen Tousaint / Tequila

2. The Prime Mates / Hot Tamales

3. Berry Harris / Show It

4. Lee Dorsey / Four Corners


1. Bonnie And Sheila / You Keep Me Harting On

2. The Gaturs / Yeah You’re Right You Know You’re Right

3. Danny White / The Twitch

4. Inell Young / What Do You See In Her


1. Earl King / Street Parade

2. Eddie Bo / The Rubber Band

3. Benny Spellman / Fortune Teller

4. Warren Lee / Mama Said We CanT Get Married


1. Betty Harris / 12 Red Roses

2. Joe Chopper / Soul Pusher

3. Eddie Bo / Hey Bo

4. Johnny Moore / Heaven’t I Been Good To You

5. Jimmy Hicks / I’m Mr.Big Stuff


1. Warren Lee / Funky Belly

2. G.Davis And R.Taylor / Hold On Help Is On The Way

3. Art Neville / Bo Diddley

4. Porgy Jones / Dap



1. Willie West With The Meters / Fairchild

2. Professor Longhair / Go To The Mardi Gras

3. Betty Harris / Trouble With My Lover

4. Tony Owens / Got A Get My Baby Back Home

5. Lee Dorsey / Little Baby


1. The Dixie Cups / Two Way Poc A Way

2. Eldridge Holmes / If I Were A Carpenter

3. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band / Do It Fluid

4. Lee Dorsey With The Meters / What You Want


1. The Explosions / Jockey Ride Parts 1 And 2

2. Allen Toussaint / We The People

3. Chuck Carbo / Take Care Your Homework Friend

4. Betty Harris / What’d I Do Wrong


1. Eldridge Holmes With The Meters / The Book

2. The Deacons / Fagged Out

3. Diamond Joe / Gossip Gossip

4. Professor Longhair / Big Chief Part 2

5. The Rubaiyats / Omar Khayyam

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